Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally! After weeks of working on the baptismal souvenirs ordered by my really nice client named Jowan, I am done with the 200 pieces of wire art-photo holders:

The idea is to put candies inside the glass test tube-y bottles with blue heart charm and bronze baby shoe accents:

..And when candies are consumed, they can stick the bottle cap, which I attached with self-made wire photo holder. ;-)

Met up with Jowan awhile ago in Festival Mall to deliver the goods, and although that was my only reason of going out, I decided to try on my DIY petal-edge denim shorts. =) Accessorized with pinks: skinny belt and rose bracelet both from my online shop

About the hat! It's a purchase for the day, after pressuring myself the past days not to shop anymore before my May out-of-the-country trip because I haven't really saved up for this! =p My will wasn't too strong, I actually got three hats!! Thinking of this mad-hatter-mode sending money flying as rewards for finishing the 200 souvenirs...just so my impulsive buys are justified. ;p

Met up with mom in the grocery after, and I was excited I wore this black round-top hat already. She said I look touristy. Haha!


  1. i love who creative you get, ms. ana!:) I'm kinda scared to attempt in DIY-ing any of my clothes. I just might make a mess of things haha=p

    cute souvenirs! hopefully when AThan's a bit bigger or maybe my wedding we can have a souvenir plan hehe

  2. cute shorts! cute bracelet! :)

  3. Ava and Melanie! :) Thank you so much for appreciating my new diy! :D my sisters actually laughed when they first saw my shorts hahaha! :D My Ate even called me "Tiger Lily!" Haha! I dont mind, though! In a designing biz, it pays to be weird sometimes ;)

  4. Hats are crazy, theyre addicting! :D i hope i can have more unique ones, konti lang dito sa pinas ang may bentang hats! :p

  5. Lovely outfit. That hat really looks great

  6. Love the rose bracelet and your outfit! :] Grabe, 200 yung tinapos mo na wire art? Kalokaaa. That's a lot. Pero they're awesome. Pag ako kinasal, ikaw din gagawa ng party favors. Joke :))

    ps: Thanks for the sweet comment on my site. Miss you already!

  7. Thank you Nathalie! :)

    Thanks Imee! hahahah! Naloka nga rin ako pero atleast maramihang orders kagad kahit medyo walang allowance ang mga buyers ko now kaya malaking tulong yun bulk hehe! :D keep your updates coming! i love reading your blog :)


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