The depressing tour

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I posed behind this really tall mausoleum, which was in the center of a place our tour-tuktuk driver took us. It was a beauty, "grand"....only to realize that as we reached the temple-like structure, we found out it was made of pure glass walls protecting these:

Bones and clothes of the people who suffered, tortured, and killed during the Pol Pot dynasty. Pol Pot was Cambodia's leader in the 70s, who aimed to "cleanse" the country, as Wikipedia noted "resulted in the death of an estimated 1.7 to 2.5 million people.". The place was the actual Genocidal Center. The killing fields. There were signs showing where the torturing and killing took place. It was a rather depressing tour. I can't believe that such thing can be done. In the tour, I read a sign that says that loud music was blaring in a huge speaker during those times so that cries of tortured people wouldn't be heard from nearby factories.

Human bones

Yet to be excavated. 

We also went to a museum where we found the different means of torturing during Pol Pot's regime:

This bed's frame now

Was where people were electrified before

Note number 10. =/

Just a huge wooden structure now

Was where people were hung like clothes to be tortured before

Rooms and rooms filled with photos of tortured and killed people. I had goosebumps.

Rows and rows of tiny-rooms where the people were jailed before they were interrogated and tortured.

Although the place gave us the creeps, it was a learning experience. Also, I have to say it was a really fashionable day for the girls. =)

My anchor necklace :)

Tamems' pretty sandals =)



  1. i hate how people just kill children at the killing tree =( very depressing indeed. but i do wanna go there to have the experience. their torture was horrible :( horrible time to live in.

    i love her sandals! haha the last one. on the brighter note, cute necklace, sis!

  2. You said it best sis, it was a horrible time to live in. =/
    Thank you so much! :) I also love Ana's sandals..theyre from Charles and Keith--super cute noh! :)


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