Little Twin Stars

Friday, June 18, 2010

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Held my much-awaited first styling stint for a newspaper awhile ago. The Manila Times invited me for an interview on Back-to-School fashion, and asked me to bring along models I can dress up with 3 different looks. It's like me playing with my Barbies all over again! So that's my very own "Oooohhhh... that's why!"-moment on why I spent so much time changing Barbie's clothes/shoes/haircut back in my childhood! ;p

When they said school girl fashion, I clarified if they meant the preppy look only, ala Gossip Girl's Upper East Sider style. But they asked for more than that, so I categorized the 3 required looks into specific themes: 
1. Preppy Student - Gossip Girl look, checkered, plaids, stripes, classy, pearls, oxfords, high socks, brogues, bows.
2. Trendy Student - I chose the denim-on-denim, floral-on-denim, and denim accessorized with brown trend.
3. Summer Hangover - Or, how to take your summer clothes from the beach to the campus. Example, Henzel's maxi dress made wearable with tube top underneath+cover up. For CJ, I brought the DIY top layered with a black cover-up, the look I wore during the Countdown to Viet-Cambodia Trip with my Bullies! =)

I reached SM Manila alive with super heavy bags filled with clothes and accessories. I felt so organized then, bringing complete ensemble for two girls for the three different theme--and proudly mostly worn! (No look was wasted! Which happened in almost all shoots I've been to! This made me happy!). Anyway, so I was 10 minutes ahead of the team in our meet up point (Starbucks) so I indulged in my daily caffeine-fix, when my Manila Times friends--Shy (the writer for the article) and Nikka (the photographer) arrived, right on time. =) We had the casual interview there while waiting for CJ and Henzel.

When we reached their former school (they have a Journalism course in Manila Times! Which is just too cool because they were absorbed by the publication the moment they graduated!)...we started the putting together of clothes (♥!) and then Nikka fired away taking pictures in the different sites of the publishing house/campus. The photos above are all from my digital explains the poor quality, hehe! ;p All in all, I can say that it was a cool team, everyone's efforts were appreciated, all creative inputs were heard, plus, we get to talk about other things like Candymag (our favorite local teen glossy!), our life stories, etcetera. I think it's meaningful when you're just open and real with other people. I enjoyed everyone's company. =)
* *

With the models, and Nikka our photographer! :)

With my Little Twin Stars: Super lookalike models Henzel and CJ! :)

With the writer, Shy! =) 

Team! :-) 

We were treated lunch in their canteen right after packing up. =) 

Thanks Manila Times! :-) Shy, Nikka, Henzel and CJ! :-)


  1. Oh, Anagon, you are so successful.
    I'm proud of you. Keep doing what you do. You'll make it to the top soon.
    I love the outfits.


  2. That's so awesome Anna, congratulations!

  3. Anna! Congratulations dear! I am a certified ANAGON lover!

    Nakakainis blogger, I don't receive updates from your site but I'm following you. Kahit i-click ko individually sa blogger, your updates won't appear. Hmm. Don't worry I regularly check your site to see your new posts! Happy for your rise to success Ana!

    And Oh! Thanks for putting me sa site mo, wearing your oh so lovely accessory. I found another way to wear it. I'll take some photos next time :)

    Style and Soul

  4. congratz Anna!:) you really styled them well:) Oh and I sent an order form pala! and PMd you in multiply:) And if you don't mind me asking, where'd you get the bowler hat?:)

  5. Thanks Tywo!! :) Constructive people like you inspire me to do better, and not be afraid! :) thank youuu! :)

    Ashley, thank you so much! :)

    Melai: Wah a blogger friend told me this din! ;p maybe because i just changed my url (formerly fashionistacommuter) not so sure huhu! =/ But thanks so much for keeping updated! And I'll look forward to how you styled your chains differently!! :) <3!

    Pay! Thank you so much! Youre the best in styling too sis! :) Checking my multiply and mail na! ;) Bought my hats at Genevieve Gozum! :)


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