Day 3: 30 days of photographic memories

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

day 1. your facebook profile photo
day 2. a photo of yourself a year ago

day 3. a photo that makes you happy

In our room, Somadevi Hotel, Cambodia

Okay, so I missed out on "Day 3" yesterday, so I'll still be posting the Day 3 in this whole blogging challenge thing. Haha! Big fail, and I haven't even reached a week! ;p Hahaha! Anyhoo...this photo was from Ana's phone, taken by Tamems during our trip to Cambodia months ago. The cool thing here guys, is that Ana just recently discovered the pic in her cellphone...So this funny funny pic is "candid" in it's truest sense! ;p I had it Bluetooth-ed to my phone right away, haha!

The story behind the pic: We just came back from the HOT Angkor Wat tour ...Where we have to get up early to catch the sunrise. Then we strolled around to check out the structures, have some photo ops, and even have to climb a reallyreally high stone-stairs unfinished temple! :D The long walks = What I was doing in pic above! ;p

When I saw this pic, Ana and I laughed non-stop, and I told her I was resting my poor feet, and I asked her Ano naman yang inaaral mo??? (What are you reviewing anyway???) :D Heehee, and she said it was the room service menu! ;p Hahaha foodieee!

This is a happy photo because it not only reminded me of my last out-of-country adventure with the best people I can ever be with...But also, it shows how we just do our own thing (things you do only at home) when you're with people that wouldn't judge. I like trips not only for the new places and cultures to discover, but also when you're together with a bunch of people 24/7...even though you're already old time friends, trips will throw to your group a great deal of stress and hassles of being in an unfamiliar grounds kind of get-to-know the person much deeper and see his/her true colors ("labasan na ng baho" as we say in our language). Who will just laugh off all these? :)

Other than that, I remember that we were laughing when I raised my feet like that, coz I acquire a "tan line" from my shoes because of Cambodia's super hooottt sun! ;p See, I also love making fun of myself around people I'm comfortable with!

Anyhooo, as for my excuse for not accomplishing Day 3 on the real Day 3 (hehe) was because of my sched yesterday, which I deliberately planned:
11 pm - La Salle
11:30  pm(not part of sched, but I just injected spontaneously that day because I can't stay in one place haha)--Manila
2:30 pm - Alabang
4:30 pm - Trinoma, QC
5:30 pm - Megamall Forever 21 (another spontaneous stopover)
6:30 pm - Green Hills

These are all for my business, meet ups, and meetings with people seeking for sponsorship. I set them myself, so the aching feet by the end of the day was all my fault. If only I have a car! ;p Haha! I think I just want to challenge myself and my endurance. After this day, my friend asked if I was successful with my self imposed challenge. I answered: Never Again! :p

Ended the day with a dinner at Green Belt with Ana (the one I'm with in pic above! :))...And I slept over their place again because the rain, the tired feet, aching back from my heavy bag (one of my meet ups told me I am Dora the Explorer, haha!)...and my the stressed head just calls for a nearer place to stay over for the night, and of course, a friend to talk with on how my crrrazy day went. ;-)




  1. I love photos. There is always so many things to say about a picture.
    I hope you are having a lovely week.
    All my love, dear.


  2. Thanks Tywo! :) Hope youre having a great one tooo!!! :)


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