walking disaster

Friday, July 16, 2010

Kids have good enough reasons to break things around the house or trip and slide on the floors...because they are, well, kids. That's why it upsets me that few weeks ago, I broke the handle of our glass water pitcher while returning it to the refrigerator. That's why we use those kind of things already and not plastic containers, coz there are no kids in the house! (all 3 Gonzales sisters are college grads na)...

Anyway, days ago, when the 'rents and Cea were on their trip, I dropped a glass jar for our powdered milk!! :p It was ok for my mom, actually, but what upsets me is that the jar was supposed to be coordinated with the ones for sugar, coffee, etc...And mom even did a DIY label on them with that scratch-transfer-thing you buy in bookstores. And I just broke one of the set! =p

Lastly, just awhile ago, I was in our restroom and I slipped. I know it's normal to trample and trip, but in my case it's been ages since I fell in our restroom floors. =p It was insane haha! =D I officially felt I was a klutz kiddo! :p

Oh well, I guess we never outgrow our vulnerabilities, and I'm talking literally and figuratively! ;p Fall and stand up, laugh at yourself if it wasn't that serious! =)

Just random ranting! :p I postponed/cancelled one meet up for today because of that restroom incident. =p Butt hurts, hahaha! :D Still in good vibes for later meet up with some of my friends, yehey I love FreeDay Friday! :) A sign of the coming sweetsweet weekend! <3

From God Whispers Club:

Dear Ana,
Your wealth is your relationships.  
Fight for love.

Your Best Friend,

P.S. A happy person 
has happy relationships.  
A miserable person has miserable relationships. 
Ana, invest in your relationships more.
(this is a twice a week short newsletter
from Bo Sanchez.
God Whispers Club. Subscribe and be blessed.) =)


  1. i found your blog, and this is awesome. nice to know you

  2. Aww this is so inspiring... and kids are so lucky to be kids- they have the perfect excuses!!! :)) They can so irritating yet cute at the same time.

  3. Ana, I am very clumsy. I broke my favorite salad dish two nights ago. All I had to do was put it in its place after washing it, and I still managed to drop it.
    I love your quote. That's very inspiring.
    Have a great weekend.


  4. Nice quote in the end, Ana! :)

    Lately I'm becoming more of a klutz myself. I wasn't really like this before, but I'm finding it funny. Wonder what happened to me. Hahaha! :))

    Ingat para wala nang fail moments haha!

  5. Issye! Thank you! :) I hope to see you more online!! :)

    Ash: Aww, if ill become a teacher someday, i hope it's for those irritating yet cute kids ! ;) hehe! :D

    Tywo: aww thats so sad!! =/ hope we can piece back those pieces again, noh? :) hope you find another salad dish that'll become your "favorite" =)

    Megann!! Aww ... youre in fourth yr na right??? i remembered when i was in fourth yr college na, i started to go klutzy with walking, etc...parang focused nako masyado with my school life (busy!) lutang nako with other things like eating and walking hahahaa


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