A Piece of Me...In August 2010

Monday, August 02, 2010

This is a monthly blogging thing every first Sunday, which I discovered from Krissy who saw it in Notes from the Toothfairy. Here goes my late entry for August:

I like: That it's Eat, Pray, Love movie month! :D Weee!!! Plus, I started the month with a bazaar! More business success please, August! :)

My booth display/racks at the Port88 bazaar last weekend! :-)

I don't like: That it's an "alanganin" month--I don't know what to expect! But I'm just trying to stay positive!!! :)

I want you to know: That I want to watch CATS coz they have a show of this big broadway hit here in Manila. Sigh. But I don't have the budget, Sigh!!! ;p

I've planned: To make a e-mag for Anagon Collection! Housed right here in my blogspot! :) Hope I can create it and maintain it!!! :)

I want to say to someone special: To my blogger friends and Anagon Collection buyers-turned-friends: I love you all!! :) Stay awesome, I hope I get to meet more of you in person--coz the experience during the bazaar of meeting Pax, Kookie, Lloyda, and Melai was super cooool!! :)


  1. Ana aaaw. thanks for the shout out! Mwuah! Loved meeting you :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. oooh! can't wait for that e-mag! and wow i really wanna try this thing too hehe (monthly blogging) every sunday? oh and i really loved your booth! stay creative!

  3. I don't like: that all of the good bazaars are held too far from where I live >.<

    Excited for Eat, Pray, Love sis! <3

  4. Melai: I am still on blogger-meet up high! :) hihi! It was a great bazaar because i met you guys in person, so coool!!!

    ava!!! i saw your bag, ang galing! YOU stay creative tooo! and yes go go go be part of this blogging thing coz it's good practice in blogging heehee!

    krissy! hahahaha! :D benta! aww i hope sa candy fair you can go agaiiiin!!!! and yes eat pray love month, weeee!!!

  5. it was nice meeting you, Ana. i was already that you'd be really nice in person and i was right!

  6. Thank you Kookieee!!! =) So happy to meet you, nastarstruck ako hehe! :)

  7. "Why so sad?" hahahaha! Naalala ko lng. Hihi! Love our laugh trips! And about the ecig-- it's almost 4K for a whole set! Naghalf kami ng bf ng sister ko kc 2 pcs yung laman nia. But you can buy naman 1 lang. :) I'll join your giveaway yey!!!:)

  8. Hahahah benta Why so sad! ;p Huli na bored to death na heheheh! :D
    pwede na a! :D pwedeng pang gip din kasi two closest friends ko both smokers hahhaahaha! kaso awayin lang nila ako na wala kwenta kanila ang ganun hahaha! :D ;D
    uy thanksssieeee!!!


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