Crazy week!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Met up with CJ yesterday in Alabang and thrift-shopped! :-) Went to my house to have a mini-photo shoot in my room for my delayed E-Mag for Anagon Collection for this month! ;p

Photog and MUA: CJ Alayon.
Took CJ's photos, but she post-processed everything. ;)

So many things to do, so little time! We finished three-sets each for just 2 hours! 

Before we met up, I even went to Manila for meet ups (around 5 persons--buyers and suppliers!), then after this little fun play shoot, I went to Bicutan with Geo to deliver some items for Abi (our friend who is now US-based) whose uncle is here for a short vacation, but will also leave today! Last minute kung last minute!!!

Off to UST in a bit for some more meet ups. But before that, I'm also fixing packages due for shipping this afternoon (thanks to mom for handling Xend for me), and then Tata's birthday later (still in UST), and then the Glitterati event tonight! :D 

Crazy week!!!! ;p It's not even Thursday yet! (my "going-out" day) Haha!


  1. Grabe sis, I don't know where you get the energy to do all these, galing galing!

    Ang dami mo pala schedule for today, so ok lang talaga cancelled na naman tayo? Eeeks I was super buzzed up last night XD

  2. At least the crazy week sounds fun :P Cute pics :)

  3. Loves it! Mowdel na rin si Ansky! :)

  4. i love your zebra top, ms. ana!!:) and lovely photo shoot!

  5. Krissy: Vit C!! hahaha! Syempre matutuloy rin tayooo! :)

    Ai: Thank you pretty! :)

    Emsky, modelling lang, not a model. (pwede ba yun? :D) hahaha!

    Avaaa thank you a! ;) Kahit ilang beses ko na suotin si zebra top ang dami parin pumupuri thank you! <3


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