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Thursday, September 30, 2010

A busy weekday wouldn't spoil a fun Tuesday night, especially when you were out with the coolest bloggers, in a "Fun, Flirty, and WOW" themed event, as organized by a top brand. Although I vowed not to go out before my Candy Fair bazaar stint this weekend, I wouldn't say no to the Kotex WOW Party--main reason was because my blogger-barkada Pax was the one who invited me! :) I love my teh!

Also, I thought that the gathering:
1) Is another opportunity to meet the very fashionable people of the WWW.
2) Great time to dress up! :) (Outfit post here!)
3) And of course, be one of the firsts to get a preview on the latest Kimberly Clark products and innovations!

The very posh Bizu Patiserrie & Bistro in Greenbelt 2, Makati hosted the event and dinner. I really love this place for its chic Parisian interiors and yummy and artsy desserts (famous for its Macarons!). It is the perfect location for a fashionable all-girls night!

Fine n' Fancy Buffet Table.
Yey for free food! :D

We kikay girls do eat! :)

Thank you for the vegetarian-friendly menu! 
I had salad, tomato-based penne pasta, and focaccia bread with butter.

The Bizu dinner is never complete without the desserts!

After our hearty meal and small group chit-chats, the program started with the host asking us to introduce ourselves one-by-one, on the mic, by stating our name, blog, and answering the question "If you are a fashion brand, what are you, and why?

We were at the back part of the venue, giving us time to think. Also, it gave us time to voice-out to our small group the nervousness we felt, as if we were students pressured with a graded recitation or getting-to-know-you sessions! ;D

Our turn! Lloyda, Melai, Pax, and Ava.

I don't a have a photo of myself, but here's my pa-safe answer: "I'll be my brand Anagon because I am hippie, and syempre, love your own!"

We were also asked to design our own Kotex LUXE pad as a mini-contest. What a cute and interactive activity!

From the Indie Chic designs.

Even Mich worked on this little project!

The girls share their works of art! 
And here's my masterpiece, haha:
Still hippie-themed, of course! :)

A chic event for the chicas!
Attendance check for bloggers who came that night:

Vern, Lloyda, Pax, Ava, Bestie, Denise, Nori.
By the buffet. Took us forever to eat because of this photo op, haha! :D We bloggers just love pictures!

On our plush royal coach, haha! My blog-girls PaxMelaiLloyda, Bestie, and Ava

We covered the Kotex photo wall! :D

With Nori. Met up with her before when she got rings from my online shop! :)

"Ate" Trixie, editor-in-chief for online Cosmo Magazine!
She was from our batch's big sisters in St. Scho Manila! She didn't recognize me till I said I was Ate Loudette's little sister! :)

With Lloyda, one of Preview's best-dressed for the year!

With Ava!
This starts the major cam whoring session with the girls in the restrooms. "Pang outfit post", haha!

"Mirror Pic" with Ava and Bestie!

With my teh Pax. :)

Naexcite naman ako sa pic nato! 
With Melai... and... Pax! Pwedeng Trio Pic? What do you think? Haha!

Fashion now extends even to sanitary pads. The new Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Design Pads break the monotony of traditional sanitary napkins by creating a change from white to WOW. Why do napkins have to be just white anyway? The colors and designs just made the new Kotex line true to its tagline "Our best pads are now the most beautiful"! (nakaka LSS from the vid they showed that night, haha!)

A first of its kind, the attractive designs of the LUXE line fit every women's personal style, and at the same time, still provide the Kotex excellent protection and comfort we've known during our "red days".

So, are you an Indie Chic, or a Girl-Next-Door?

Stylish black packaging!
Check out the designs in this page!

Others might say why bother when no one else will see it. But for me, all girls go through that time of the month which is uncomfortable and even makes us cranky. A good pick-me-upper during your period is having something nice and fun to wear than just the plain white pads. We only deserve the best! I appreciate the brand's aim to constantly innovate their products for us ladies--in terms of technology and even aesthetically.

Thank you Kotex for this new brilliant product, and for the fun, flirty, WOW bloggers' event! Thank you to all the lovely girls I met that night! Till next! :)


  1. Haha ang cute naman ng activity, decorate your own pad. :D

  2. Hahaha ang kulet noh! Napressure kami at first, been awhile since pinagdraw ako haha :D

  3. Hi Ana!Pa-grab ng ibang photos!:) See you on the next blogger event!:) I wanna bond with you all!I was looking at your table the whole night, kso no space na so I wasn't able to sit on your group. I wish my next time pa:)

  4. Surey Denise! :D Yes till next ha!!! :)) Meron yan! Thank you!

  5. ana bat ganyan lahat ng pics ko panget lng hahahaha!!!

  6. Ikaw talaga pax!! :D Hahaha! Maganda ka naman e!!!

  7. natuwa ako dun sa term mo sa blogger event buddy BEB! hehe cute!:) i love your entry about the event! feeling ko akin medyo sabog haha =p cute entry ana!! you definitely rocked fun flirty and girly!

  8. galing naman... kailan kaya ako makakasali sa mga blogger event :-S

  9. Ava BEB! =) Hehehe thank you a! Naku nagpaka journ student lang ng onti haha! You looked great that night too sis! I really love how you put together your accessories, ang galing :)

  10. It was nice to see you again Anna. It was such a fun event. Sama nyo ko ulit next time ;)

  11. Yes Nori!! :) May next kaagad tayo a! :) See you soon!! =) Cool event noh! :)

  12. I like Bestie's design! Talagang may ants! :)

  13. Hahaha ang cute e noh! ;D Naisip din niya, hands, hahaha =D Witty!


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