My Fairy Godmother for the WOW event.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I was super thrilled when Pax texted me last week on a Kimberly Clark bloggers event. I am forever thankful for being invited to such functions, being a newbie compared to the other bloggers, so I went for it without hesitating. Also, I can't wait to catch up with my blogger friends, and also meet other cool fellow bloggers! :) Cited in the e-invite was the event's dress code: Fun, Flirty, Girly, WOW! =) I instantly thought of wearing something "Lolita"--fun, frilly, and childlike, but still "flirty".

As much as I am into fashion and dressing up, I have no idea how to put a WOW make up on. Except for simple everyday blush-gloss, I might just look "clownish" when I attempt to play with eye shadows, eye liners, and bold lipstick. So for events like this one...

...I "call-a-friend" my kabarkada since high school Tamems for my make up 101! :) (Beauty Emergencyyy!)

I thought of trying on red lips-red polish for this event. Anyhoooo... Enough of my chatter mouth, and let the photos show the merged efforts of Tamems and Anagon. :-)

BEAUTY (c/o Tamems):

Painted my nails red days before. Polish from The Face Shop. Red bow ring from Anagon.

Tamems' set-up. :) Was super ecstatic when I arrived at our meet up place, and she's ready for our little project! :D

Tamems told me brow makeup/shaping is always the challenge. The eye makeup took most of our time.
She worked on my eyes first, while I ate my french fries, haha!

Trying red lips for the first time. Tamems told me to smile with pursed lips, which is more bagay with the dark lip shade. But I failed during the night's gazillion photo-ops because I am Ms. Bungisngis, haha!

Bought red headbands, bow clips, feather clips, flower clips, but ended with a simple high hair bun. The style is so Ashley Dy's! :) Haha! I love that girl! I thought that the high bun will make the look more fun. :)


We were deciding if adding socks will look good with the outfit. I bought a pair of black and hot pink.

Ended up not wearing any of them, so as not to be over-funky.

Dainty rose sleeves-button. :)

Final Look:
Cinderella, ready to go to the ball. Haha.

Tip to Toe:
Layered Eiffel tower-star necklace (Anagon)
Pearl Necklace (my lola's)
Tiered, Polka Dotted Dress with Bow (Thrifted)
White Pumps (Thrifted)

Photos with my Event Fairy Godmother:

It was a super fun night! I will separately blog about the Kotex event and the top brand's cool new product for us WOW girls-- I knew talking about my look will take one looong entry. Haha ang vain amp! Thanks to my blog-girls Pax, Melai, Bestie, Ava, and Lloyda for the crazy, fashionable night!!! =) 
And of courseyyyy....

Haha! Feeling artista? :D Love ya forevah, I'll start your new makeup blog! ;)))

PS: For the plain-janes on make ups like me... Will you try on the bold red lipstick? :) What other WOW beauty and fashion dares would you most probably create for events like this? :)


  1. awww.. you look so adorable! and the dress is so pretty.. love the whole look! =)

  2. Ana! Your friend is fabulous :) She did a wonderful job! I love your make-up that night, suits you well and you looked beautiful :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  3. Thank you Jed, MM, and Melai!! :) I appreciate your kind words!! :)

  4. looks better indeed without the socks on dear :)

  5. Thank you KD! :D your blog is a cool new find, love your style, pretty girl! :)

  6. I must say, though I wasn't able to approach you during the event, I loved your look! I especially like the top bun, cos it pulls your whole ensemble together. You looked girly and carefree. :)

  7. hi AnA!I missed bonding with you!Next time sana makatabi ko kayo sa table!:) It was nice meeting you! And I agree your make-up that night is fab!:)

  8. I love your lipstick!!!!!! Its super bagay sayo! <3 And I love the bun!! Inggit ako. Lol!

  9. thundersenshi: Thank you so much too for dropping by my blog, you look fab that night too! :)

    Denise: Thank you so much! I recognized you right away! If only we have bigger tables noh, so we can mingle with all bloggers! :) Till next!!! :)))

    Honey Andrade: Thank you so much! :D I thought it will be hard to pull off the bold color, but it was fun! :)

    Thank you girls!! :)) I appreciate your sweet comments! :)

  10. Love it! And I'm also a fan of the high-bun hairdo. Just so I won't have to put up with my messy hair. Hahaha. Anyway, you rocked it! <3

    I'd really love to try the red lipstick too. Or wear make-up per se! I am such a newb. And poor and lazy. Hahaha!

  11. You should!! :D It's nice to experiment with looks sometimes, lalo pag event calls for it! :)) Im sure youd look great din with red lipstick, liberating ba haha! :)


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)