WOW Finds during the Kotex WOW Event.

Friday, October 01, 2010

What do you expect in a fun, flirty, and WOW event? Nothing less than a variety of stylish and fashionable people of course! :-) 

Trying to play as your resident style-spotter, here are some of the TDF (to-die-for) pieces I saw during the all-female party:

1) Melai's Transparent Heels.
These caught the attention of a lot of bloggers present during the affair in Bizu. I love Melai's unique style that is definitely hers and hers alone.

2) Pax's killer three-tone heels and gray fringe bag.
Bestie asked Pax if the shoes was a DIY, and we laughed about it all night! But really, if I can make something so artsy as those heels, I'll do it now!

3) Ava's Cute Accessories.
I know it will be biased to feature my brand here, haha! But aren't the owl earrings the cutest? :) The blush neck-piece also worked well with her navy dress!

4) Lloyda's Bejeweled Rings.
I kept looking at them the whole night! I love the whimsical bunny and bow rings! They stood out with Lloyda's black outfit!

5) Bestie's Brown Clogs.
I can't take my eyes off this pair in Gold Dot's website, as blogged in my Wishlist#7. When I saw Bestie wearing her Anatalia Clogs that night, I want to forget about my Project SG (saving up for coming Singapore vacation)--Gold Dot is hunting me! :D

6) Pax's Twiggy Necklace.
A statement (and conversation!) piece she bought from another fashion blogger Tin Iglesias!

7) Bestie's Brown Fringe Bag.
I am all for fringes!! This hobo bag goes well with the coveted clogs. :) <3

8) Melai's Bright Blazer, DIY Necklace, and Rings.
This girl is too-cool. To think she came from a prior-activity before going to this event. "Fashionably" late, I should say! :)

9) Ava's structured bag.
I love all of Ava's bags! They're not too big (unlike mine, boohoo), and they have either cute prints or a cute shape. :D (hello vain anagon in this pic, haha)

10) The chic WOW Canvass Bag.
When the activities were about to end, I turned around and saw these bags near the resto's exit. Yehey, freebies in a cute and eco-friendly loot bags!

The canvass bag contains Kimberly Clark products, including the new attractive Kotex LUXE Ultrathin Design Pads. With its sleek black packaging, and innovative fun printed pads, the new Kotex product definitely deserves a spot in the top 10 WOW finds! :)

That's it! =) Sorry for the multiple posts re this event, it was that cool!
Till next events, I'll try to spot more head-turners! :)


  1. Was the bunny that Lloyda wore from Forever 21? I've been hunting that. I love bunnies :)

  2. Super cute noh Nori! :D Oh no i didnt ask, but i think it's from F21 nga! :D
    (ill note that next time may labels na of brands when i do this "spotted" thing hehehe :PPP)

  3. Aww sayang talaga I wasn't able to go, blasted colds x_x Pero I'm happy I got to see you earlier! Tapos yay Candy Fair naman tomorrow! :)

  4. Im a head turner! haha well at least here i am:D hehe love anagon accessories!

  5. Krissy!!! Pero the Candy Fair was total riot-fun noh!!! Thank youuuu! :D Enjoy your shoot today!! :))

    Nicole: Youre so pretty and fashionable talaga :) You rocked the wide brimmed hat! Till next time, competition uli "I am vain!" hahaha!

  6. Ava! You are a headturner!!! :)) Always love your outfit, whether todo-porma or laidback events, you always nail it! :) Till next event, Beb! :)


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