Gloomy Sunday for the Tigers

Monday, September 06, 2010

This is starting to become a tradition. Come weekend or Thursday, I will go to the Araneta Coliseum to watch the Growling Tigers play a mean game of basketball. Will be with Ickay or Vany or Imee, or all of them, or a friend from "the other" school. After screaming and taking in whatever the final results turn out to be, I will be back to fashion and business the next day. No matter how heartbreaking the game was a day ago, it's back to reality come Monday.

Although a no-bearing game, I was anxious for a win. We had a good start, and I can see that our players were just enjoying, like playing boys! There wasn't any pressure, I guess. But things just toppled down by end of first quarter...even letting Ateneo Blue Eagles gain 20+-point lead. It was devastating! But we let three-points rain the Big Dome few seconds before the final buzzer. The lead narrowed down to 4. We almost made it. But it wasn't so bad.

Jeric Fortuna <3

Jeric Teng

Chris Camus, Melo Afuang, Paolo Pe, and Aljon Mariano

Was supposed to watch with Geo as part of our yearly "tradition" of watching our schools UST and Ateneo compete. But due to ticket issues, I last-minute bought 3 front row lower box tickets, and 2 4th row lower box tickets before they were sold out. Geo, her boyfriend Fred, and sister Gillian got the front row seats, Ickay and I settled at the fourth row. We were surrounded by a sea of blue, it was scary! :p Coincidentally, it was also my first time to wear a yellow shirt this season! Haha!

The Ateneo gained the twice-to-beat advantage from winning in this game. We were stuck at the 7th slot whether we won or not, but it would have been nice if we did since it was also our Coach Pido's birthday that day. Sigh. Sorry if I just take things seriously when it comes to UAAP. I remembered telling Ana to warn me if I'm becoming too fan-girly (thank God for neutral people!), but she told me I'm all right. Back to beads, fringes, wire art, and online shopping for now---till our last game on Thursday. Come on win this one boys!!!

One for UST!


  1. It's always fun seeing a girl who's into fashion and sports!

  2. You still watch pa pala. I used to watch it alot since Cheering was my P.E. LOL. Ickay was my classmate by the way.

  3. Hihi! Hi April, thank you! :) :)

    Nori: Super small world!!! :D

  4. i saw you at the game and wanted to call on you pero i remembered you don't know me pala. haha! :)

  5. Scarlet April! :) From UST ka rin?? :) Sayang sayang it would have been cool to meet you :)

  6. Sooobra :p Tagal na uli bago ang uaap craze ;p
    Hi Roseee! :) Hehehe!

  7. haha. hindi eh, pero kasama ko yung 2 friends kong taga-UST, one of them is a blogger too and she recognized you as well. haha. just sharing. :)

  8. Woow coolness to have been recognized for ze blog and not for my online shop :) thank you april :) :) love your blog nga pala, im a new follower! :)


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