Ode to the Oddballs

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Double movie with Ana yesterday. First, we watched Justin Long and Drew Barrymore's latest rom-com Going the Distance using the Robinson's Cinema passes I got from the bloggers' event weeks ago. With lots of time to spare (and because the first movie we watched for free!), we also caught the cute Despicable Me on last full show. I thought Agnes (Ms. "It's so fluffy I'm gonna die") will turnout to be overrated-cute, but no...she's reallyreally cute!!! :D

Anyhooo, as for my outfit for that day, I was inspired by my-style-icon Abbie's latest entry I don't mind being laughed at. I can actually relate in terms of getting "the stares" and the catcalls not even because I am saying that I am gorj or whatever--but because I am the commuter who looks different, the oddball with fake-colored eyes (gray as of the moment), colored hair (golden brown as of the moment), wild nails (plum as of the moment), and mix-matched clothes. 

The trouble doubled since I am not just a commuter, but a long-distance commuter. I ride all sorts of transportation (tricycle, jeep, bus, another jeep or the train) just to get to my meet-ups and my friends and all other happenings (being a south kid here). So yes, the encounters of ogling eyes (sometimes, just curious, sometimes, judgmental) are but part of my life when I go out of my house--two heavy bags and out of place hat and all. ;p

Tip-to-toe: Olive green polo worn as coat (Rockwell bazaar), stripes gray tee (H&M), floral shorts (thrifted, diy), brown belt (dad's), peace necklace (Anagon), fringe bag (Hong Kong), brown shoes (168), printed mismatched socks (Robinsons Department Store).

As Abbie said to Ava (who is also inspired with Abbie's blog): Wearing what you feel/something different is actually liberating.

Thank you empowering fashion bloggers! May I forever be inspired! :)

PS: Minsan feeling ko ang simple pa ng outfit ko, but when I'm out-and-about the Metro na, weird narin pala sa iba. Haha!


  1. funny right? what we think is simply already (seeing how pax, abbie and kookie dress like) is already weird for others hehe, but heck, it's fun! lets be different! I love the necklace ah! hmm.. haha =p

  2. Trueee!!! :D Parang wala pako sa kalingkingan ng said fashion bloggers :) I adore them!! :D
    Yes Ava, let's rock our outfits! ;) hehehe! :) Can't wait to go out na uli just to come up with another crazy getup hahaha!


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