Anagon Monthly: September 2010

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Ukay Experience

I can't exactly remember my first ever visit in an ukay-ukay, but I still get the same feeling every time I enter one: giddy and thrilled like a kid in a toy store. I am the biggest cheapstake when it comes to clothes! Although I still have the LV-and-Chanel dreams, right now, I am more proud to say that I got this unique and dirt-cheap find in a store that not a lot of people knows about! =)

First Ukay Finds: Red pumps and pointy flats with cute prints.

Other than the friendly price tags, I love that thrift shopping also provides UNIQUE pieces such as fringe bags, hippie dresses, and over-sized tops. I am a sucker for these, but can't seem to find the right items unless I go to big brands like Zara or Topshop. When you're in the right Ukay store at the right time (New Arrival!), you'll even score branded clothes and accessories!

Also one of my first finds: Cute and comfy pink top that I still love! :)

Wore this for the mini-shoot with CJ Alayon.

In this month's newsletter, we bring to you different Ukay stories, like our first DIY: reconstructing a thrift find to make it more wearable. We also had a thrift shopping challenge for Anagon's resident model/photographer CJ Alayon on our fashion section. And of course, do welcome our very first contributor for our mini e-mag, Kristel Cruz of Krissyfied, who shares to us her many ukay shopping experiences---with just a click of the mouse! :)

Hope you like this, girls! :)

Anagon =)
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  1. Oh and my treasured ANAGON piece would probably be the watch necklace I bought from you before: I think it was when you went to macau :) I can definitely pass this on to my grandchildren because of how timeless it looks. (vintage) it would look great in any era and pair it with any outfit it would still look classy:)

  2. wowwww Ana!! :) had fun reading your September ish! :) let's shop again next time ha.. haha.. naloka ko sa dami ng mga magagandang stuff. haha.. :P sayang, konti lng oras natin that time. Pero i still had fun. Adventureee!! :) I love you forever sis!! :)

    Cute nung red pumps mo!! with ribbon details.. sweet. :)

  3. Ana! Wow, your e-mag is lovely ana! And thanks for recommending me in your thrift shopping goes online article. didn't expect that! I was overwhelmed! :) O collab daw sabi ni Aisa, haha :)

    My most treasured ANAGON pc is the LOVE RING. Though I gcashed it to you, technically, my bf bought it for me. It's not made of real gold, but the fact that it's a gift for our 26th monthsary (2yrs & 2 months), the value for me is more than what any diamond ring would cost.
    It would be great to pass it on to my future children and grandchildren while telling the story of love behind it. :) It would be great how one ring - has so many love stories revolving around it right? kilig much.

    Nice giveaway!
    Melai of Style and Soul

  4. Thank you so much AVA, CJ and MELAI!!! :)

  5. My most treasured anagon piece that i would definitely pass on to my children and grndchildren is the yellow necklace that i bought, because its like representing UST and its now one of my favorite universities. At first my parents want me to go to UST but i said i don't like to study there because its far, but when we visited UST for the first time with my friends, i fell in love with it! I didn't expect that i would be amaze with the university.

  6. Go Uste! :)) Hihi thank you so much Nina!! :)) I appreciate this!!

  7. this is my first order from anagon collection..everytime i wear this necklace,my friends and office mates always compliments it..envy much!haha


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