Before the week ends....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Promote promote muna! ;) Hehehe!
Do visit Anagon Collection for our newest uploads!!! =) (shameless plugger in da house yo)

I am also brewing a little project, but I have to leave the house today, kung kelan naman gusto ko mag computer/internet whole day hehe. ;P Coffee with some barx later, then movie night with Ana! :) Yey I love weekends!!! =) Kahit magastos, harhar!

Enjoy loves!!! <3


  1. i absolutely love it! (:

    check mine out and follow if you want <3

  2. Eeek! New uploads!? Must check it out :) I love your accessories!

    Shari of Aviator Shades

  3. Thank you Ava!! :D Hihi means alot! :D Project SG fight! :)

    ItsVintageBitch Thank you so much!! :))

    Sharina: Yes! :D And hopefully, more new uploads this week! :)) hihi!


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