Mom's Pink Blazer

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last Friday, I went out with Reg for her orders in my online shop. When I have a friend who buys from my online shop, we usually don't just "meet up"....we dine! :)

My Mushroom Linguine.
Yummy lasagna-like pasta, with mushrooms and cream sauce. =P

Reg's Ravioli.
Looks tasty too! :) 

Long kwentuhan in the nice, posh, coffee shop Bizu.

Marj came afterwards, when I had to leave for a big-client meet up (Gan!). I went to Haiku where Gan and her fiance Mark were eating their dinner, and even offered me to order but I was already full from the merienda (oo, merienda lang ang pasta sa akin, hahaha). We talked about the updates on her wedding orders (souvenirs, candle/cord/etc designs...). Gan had been a buyer for years, she was even hailed "Collector of the Month" in my site before! ;) And now she's getting married! I am so attached to this project. :)

Went back to meet my friends again after my client meeting:

Marj and her shopping bags. Just window shopping for Ana, Me, and Reg! :) Hehe!

Light sandwich dinner at Olivers. :) I love the egg sandwich there!!! :D Shared an order with Ana.

When Reg and Marj left, Ana and I watched Life As We Know It. Sophie, the baby, is too cute and adorable! :D Katherine Heigl's role is a baker, so at the end of the film I told Ana I wish I am also good in creating pretty (and yummyyy!) cakes, heehee. Slept over at Ana's, since my next day agenda required me to go in Reposo, which is a P20 tricycle away from their house. 

Tip to Toe:
Pink blazer (Cesar Gaupo, Mom's)
Blue Shorts (Thrifted)
Shoes (Rubi, Cotton On)

I really really love discovering clothes from my mom's closet (or in the extra room in our house where the old clothes, things, and jumbles were thrown). Ate said mom offered her the blazer before, but she didn't want to wear it. Now, I think the piece is priceless! love the button-details, and the cute girly color! :)


  1. i heart the blazer!!!
    Ah so the shoot was in reposo,=) I saw Aiza's outfit post in a furniture showroom that I always pass by eh hihi., ^^,

  2. Yes Ann sa Reposo hihi :) Thanks so much! It's not only pretty noh, it's "free" =D Haha! :))


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