I am no Pax and Melai =S

Thursday, October 21, 2010

One afternoon, I was so bummed and unproductive.
And so, for my Project SG (funds for Nov 11 Singapore trip! :P), I decided to sell some of my clothes...And took the photos myself.

Location/Spot: Ready! :)

Took a bath, then started working with my tripod, oops putol.

Ayun kasya. (sorry for the towel turban, style yan, hahaha)

Oyyy pumose pose pa, hahaha!

Ayun o, ayaw pa daw pumose yan ha hahaha!

Nakakapagod pala...

Uy camera, wala pa ko! :D Haha!

I realized, I only know two poses:

The Pameywang Pose:

And the "Bugnutin (tingin nalang sa baba) Pose"!

Nung tinamad na...Kuha nalang ng pics from events...

At nung mas tamad na...Kahit picture na ng iba! ;D

Haha! :D I realized it wasn't easy to sell clothes like my sistahs Pax and Melai! My blog friends both own an online shop of vintage finds, and they have to shoot the clothes themselves. Meaning, sila na ang photographer, sila pa ang model! Do check out their websites: Archive Clothing and Fashion Stop Shop! They have great finds there, and they modeled their clothes so well, mga idol! ;D
And if you're interested with any of the clothes I tried (or attempted, haha) to model above (hahaha awkward)...Do check out this page. That's all folks! Baboosh! :)

PS to Pax and Melai: See you both this Saturday my sistahs! :) Miss ko na kayo! :) Yey!


  1. Hahaha you're so funny! I loved this entry. Natawa ako sa mga captions mo! :)

    Good luck on your Project SG fundraiser!


  2. HAHAHA! :D Thank you Shari!:) Kenkoy lang! ;P

  3. hahahaha! love this post ana! tawa ko ng tawa. :))

  4. HAHAH! :D Thankyou Scarlet April!:D Kung hindi carry, idaan sa joke time!!! ;))) :D Hahaha!!!

  5. This is your funniest entry so far, Ate Ana! :))

    Magkano 'yong towel? 'Yon kasi yung natipuhan ko. :P HAHA. Just kidding! :D

  6. haha Ana this is so funny! You know what I have so many "uy camera wala pa ako jan" moments! hihi! It's so hard to be a photographer and a model at the same time :)hinahabol ko lagi ang 10 second timer ng camera ko hahha!

  7. Nadine! :D Hahahha! P500 lang yun Green Turban, hahahahah!!! ;D Benta, thank you sis! :)) Hope hindi naman nasira image ko sayo for posting these photos, woot! :D

    Denise hahahaha!!!Naku we online sellers share the same experience, and kahit as bloggers noh! :D Outfit posts ftw!!! ;P 10sec lang din si camera ko, sana may 15sec para makahinga muna bago pose, hihihi! ;)

  8. Sige, I'll send the payment through gcash since parehas tayong busy. HAHAHA. :P

    May ganun? Namaaan, Ate. Okay lang 'yan. =))

  9. Nakakatawa tong post na 'to! i cant stop laughing! :P

  10. Nadine: hahaha sa next candy fair nalang! ;) :D

    Krissy and channie: hahaha thank you!!! :)) sana hindi nasira image ko sa inyo after this! ;) :D


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