Bring On the Layers! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whoever said "rainy days = bad clothes" hasn't fully appreciate the wonders of layering, especially since we can't actually do it on normal Manila weather (super sunny HOT).

But since Juan didn't take his recess since last night, I decided to go rain-ready for today's meet ups. Meaning: granny gray cardigan to keep warm and dry, a skirt in case I encounter floods (heavy soaked pants suck), and trusty waterproof shoes. 

I also had lunch meet-up in Robinson Mall Pioneer with a fellow blogger Bianca. But before that, I had a big meet up in Shaw with a buyer who ordered a bunch of black fedoras and black feather headbands for her wedding (I am so in love with her theme!). Anyway, going back to Bianca, I've been "talking" with her for quite sometime already via the beautiful world of intrawebs, but I am glad to learn that she is super funny in person! :) I just love to be with people who are easy to talk with, and loves to laugh as much as I do!

Bianca of Bianca Loves Life! :)

Lunch and lots of kwentuhans in The Old Spaghetti House

I was supposed to have 2 more La Salle meet-ups, but I got a text from one of my buyers that classes of college students were suddenly suspended. And too bad I was already one station away from Vito Cruz when I got the message. What a bummer. I decided to just waste time by dropping by Ana's office and had brewed coffee with her in Starbucks (perfect for the weather!).

By 4pm, went to Greenbelt again to meet up with Tamems who ordered some bib necklaces from my shop for her mom. We window-shopped, pointing all my wish lists to her in every store (stuff that I can't buy pre-SG trip =/) of which is the last pair of brown Topshop clogs, in my size, and at 50% off. Good buy, but still! =S Ended the day in another coffee shop outdoor tambay (Coffee Bean), where Tamems and I enjoyed the rare occasion when Metro Manila is chilly and nakakasenti. :,-)

Hope everyone had a great rainy day. =)


  1. bianca's getting married?? and wow nice outfit, ana :) i always go for ugly clothes haha i really don't know how to dress properly during rainy days.

  2. tama ka jan teh nakaksenti nga! waaaah! nakaka-emo. lol

  3. Ava: haha hindi si bianca!!! :D Yun buyer before her hehehe :)) We mentioned you din, super liit na ng online world natin we know each other na!! :)) Naku ang sarap mag dress up pag rainy days, pwede mag blazer and cover ups and vests, without super pagpapawisan ka! :D And the cute boots--Plueys! :D

    Pax: hahaha sarap pa mag coffee!!! :)) Nako mga emo talaga tayong bloggers before naging fashown, hahaha! :))

  4. i love your layered outfit! the bow necklace is so cute! <3 Your blog is awesome, i followed you! :)


  5. OMG... I am getting married??? hahaha.

    nice meeting you Ana. We should do this more often. Next time chandelier earrings.hahaha.

  6. p.s. stole pic of my food. will post it in my food photoblog.hehehe :))

  7. Thank you Mickey! :) Lovin your blog too :))

    Biancaaa hahahah ayan inedit ko na baka akala ikaw ang kakasal ;D invited ako a, ahhaha! :D surey!! thank you !!!

  8. Loveee your outfit! It looks really cute on you!

  9. Thank you Hanna!! :)) I love rainy days outfit <3 Hehe! :)


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