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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our bunso Cea, who now works for the marketing department of Oishi, brought home some new Oishi goodies for the family! The Oishi Q Cobs is a pack of corn chips with nice hollow shape that gives the chichiria an interesting texture in every bite. We tried both the cheese and barbecue flavors of the light snack. Oishi Wafu is also a new addition to the innovative brand's family of "delicious" snacks. At only 2 pesos per stick, you are in for a treat: rolled wafer with creamy cheddar cheese filling!

Under Liwayway Marketing Corp., the Oishi brand is proudly Pinoy, producing quality snack products at affordable prices (and, I must say, beautiful packaging!). From the classic chips Oishi Prawn Crackers and Kirei (hehe), Oishi is also the brand behind the famous snacks during my student years (hehe): Bread Pan, Sponge Crunch, Pillows, and the Caramel Popcorn! They're also popular for Marty's Cracklin' (the vegetarian chicharon!) and the new Marty's Baconette Strips (yummy!). 

Try the other snack offerings of Oishi, available in all leading supermarkets. Heard they're releasing a drink rich in Vitamin C--something to look forward to coz I am Ms. Flu-Prone-slash-Ms. Vit. C, nyaha!


  1. woooow! i love oishi! i love how innovative they are with their snacks. i especially love their wasabi chips :D ang saya, dun sya nagwowork :D

  2. yum!:) pero muka akong adik sa pic, eew haha!

  3. i drool. super lucky your sister works for oishi!

  4. Smarla! :D I havent tried the wasabi chips, ok sya?? :D Di masyado wasabi-ish??? :))

    Ate hahaha:D Ok lang noh mukhang sarap na sarap ka nga jan e di mo na tinirhan si mom hahahah!

    Ava i know right! :D Haha! :D It would have been great to work for a food company no! especially if youre a foodiiieee! :D Messaged you nga pala in fb!! :))

  5. I love wafu. I'm actually munching the leche flan flavor right now.


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