50X More Lovin!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh hello there! I am Anagon, circa 2009! :D

This was taken just months ago! :D

There are times when I feel embarrassed to have my photos taken with these lovely ladies, like my models Patty Mendoza, Chesca Sumilang, and Abbie Almasco. I thought I was fair-skinned, till I am right next to them. 

I blame forgetting my umbrella during my hard-core commuting around Metro Manila. I know, I know, dark skin is nothing to be ashamed of, and nice gal Abbie even told me I am not dark but "TAN" (hehe)...But it wouldn't hurt to bring back my original color...pre-beach trips and commutes.

And so ladies and vain gentlemen, 

I am about reveal what is inside ze Mysterious Gold Box I got from the L'Oreal Black and White Affair...


It is the new L'Oreal Paris WHITE PERFECT! :D

The Transparent Rosy Whitening product boasts of L'Oreal's new technological breakthrough called Melanin-Vanish: 1 DROP 50X More Powerful! in terms of fairness control.

The product also addresses multiple skin problems such as skin dullness, dark spots, uneven skin tone, sun-induced freckles, large pores, and skin roughness and dryness. So more than getting fairer skin, I use the new L'Oreal White Perfect as my facial moisturizer and sunblock (with SPF17!) in one jar!

Feeling Endorser. Haha.
With fairer skin, I am 50X more confident!

No more wallflower moments for me, I try to enjoy all the bloggers events I get to be invited in by socializing more! With a nice even and moisturized complexion, I think I have lesser insecurities to think of, and no reason to be shy to go around and have my photo ops with all the great people I get to be with! Just like in my recent Accessorize event!

Group photo with fashion bloggers! :)

And with 50X more confidence, I gained 50X more love from the girls!!!

Tamems, my make up artist for the event. :)

Krissy of Krissyfied!

Mich, a supporter of my online shop! :)

Denise of Simone's Closet!


Yanie, a Chictopian

Again, more than looking good, it's all about feeling great about the new me! :) Thank you L'Oreal for 50X fairer skin, 50X more confidence, and 50X more lovin! ;)

And now, I'd like to know your own thoughts! What do you want 50X MORE with fairer skin? :)
Answer on the comment box below, and get to win the following c/o my online shop, Anagon Collection!!! :

1) Your own jar of the L'Oreal White Perfect!

2) This Black Romantic Mirror-Comb Set

...So you can regularly check the beautiful changes of your complexion! :)

 3) And a similar Floral Fedora Hat I wore during the

...for extra-protection against the sun! 

1) Simply post your thoughts on the comment box below on: What do you want 50X MORE with fairer skin? (+5 entries)

Additional entries (optional)
2) Put this banner/link on your blog/sidebar: (+2)

3) Blog about this giveaway! (+3)

Don't forget to include your name and email address on the comment box, plus your blog link if you placed the banner on your side bar or if you wrote about the giveaway! =)

One winner will be picked by end of October! =)



  1. awww i love your 50x!!:) and i love anagon 50x!!

  2. I want more styling gigs with 50x more fairer skin!!! Baka modeling na next if I get fairer skin not lng styling! Haha. feeler. Yey, hope I win!:)

    P.S. mentioned this contest on my blog also!:)

  3. You're the best Pax!! :)) Thank you so much!! :))

  4. Ohmygosh this is a great contest Ana! I hope you win L'Oreal's contest, and I hope I win your contest LOL! Will comment again once I've thought of my answer :)

  5. First of all I loved how you put together your post... so 50x love!!!:)

    hmmm...more than 50x more fairer skin, I wanted to fulfill my dream of owning a clothing line and sell tons and tons of clothes to all ladies out there!:) and I wouldn't be modelling ONLY for my shop...probably, I will be modelling for Preview Magazine's cover!haha nangarap talaga!:)

    Denise of Simone's Closet

  6. 50x fairer skin means 50x more boys!!! just kidding.hahaha. i'll probably wear the most outrageous color and ramp sa Edsa. most likely orange dress. mag ala Tessa Prieto. Fairer skin gives an advantage to wearing any clothes because it can easily compliment with the skin (may sense ba? basta yun na un!?) hahaha. by that time i can be one of the most fashionista yuppie ever (dream high)... so give me that L'Oreal. NOW NA!!! hahaha. joke!

    first time to join any contest. :))

  7. Thqnk you for inviting me. I love anagon 50x Regina C. Landicho banner/link on your blog/sidebar: (+2)

  8. I want a Chanel bag with 50x more fairer skin! Hahaha :)

    Alexa Luna

    I also mentioned this on my blog:


  9. can I say what I want 50x less with fairer skin?

    I want 50x less pollution which means 50x more clean environment for us. achieving fair skin starts with a clean environment so let's go make that happen while we populate the world with fair skin through L'Oreal White Perfect one lady at a time! :)

    Irene Hayakawa

  10. Nice naman Anagon! Sayang wala akong blog!

    I love to travel, making me prone to sun exposure. This product with spf will give me 50x less worries...and 50x more freedom to enjoy my trips!

  11. Hi anagon! I love this entry! I am ibto nake up ever since, and love to play around with different shades of lipsticks and eyeshadows. Hehe arte. With 50x fairer skin, i'll be able to experiment 50x more in terms of make up techniques! :)

  12. I want to have 50x more chances of winning photo contests with fairer skin!

    blogged about the giveaway here :

    Min Viloria

  13. Thanks everyone!! :) I really appreciate your entries, and extra thank you to those who mentioned this giveaway in their blogs! :)
    Keep them coming, 50x!! :))

  14. more than 50x more fairer skin, I want to be a CPA board topnotcher!

    claire capili

  15. i love your blog! it's included in my daily list of "must-read" :)

    what do i want 50x more with fairer skin? hmmm. dami eh :) but i guess for now what i super duper want is 50x "quality" time with the man in my life. i'm so busy with the upcoming opening of my shop then sya naman super busy with work. we're always stressed out - so most of the time we wend up fighting. so thinking about what i really want for now, quality time talaga. wala ng iba :)

  16. With fairer skin I want to have 50x more confidence.,

    First contest to join and will include in my first ever blog., :)

  17. "Anagon! I am already fair skinned, so I am not really interested in the product's whitening, but more on the spf for 50X sun protection since no one's really exempted from sun's harmful effects. :)"

    barx love! 50x :D

  18. Krissy! Send in your comment na sis! =) hihihi!

    Denise: Love your answer girl! :D Ako rin! :)) Oooh and i love preview mag! :D

    Bianca: true! more clothes na babagay! :) Ala tessa prieto! :) love it! :)

  19. Triple A Enterprises thanks for joining! :))

    Alexa haha! :) Dont we all love to have a Chanel! :) <3 Sigh, designer bag dreams :))) Thanks for mentioning the giveaway in your blog! :)

    Irene: I love your answer! I'm a big time commuter (hehehe) and whenever i go out, it's impossible not to have breakouts...especially when i have meet ups sa taft ave! :P

    Katrina: I also love to travel! :)) Where's your next destination? :))

    Meh: My makeup artist forever!! Heheheh! :D I'm sure mas maraming maeexperimentuhan with makeup when you are Anne Curtis-white! :) Naks yiheee!

  20. Min - hihi! i sure hope you win mooore contests! :) i loved joining online contests too before, won mga concert tickets ;))

    Claire - hey good luck with the boards!! :)) im sure youll do great!! :))

    Cat - gosh, thank you natouch ako! :) and about quality time, i agree sis, nothing beats time...Even money cant buy that! :) all the love for you, and your upcoming business! :)

    Shaleh - im also want 50x more self confidence! :) best of luck with your brand new sparklin blog! :) Thanks for the blog mention too, i appreciate it!! :))

    Bodz - hello bodz! :D It's good na kahit fair skinned ka na youre still concerned with maintaining it, and syempre, be sun-protected! :)) Barx love and i miss you alll!!! :)))

  21. hi...! kept going back to your online shop 'coz ive been eyeing that cowboy hat (cant even sleep at night thinking of that ~wink)... and I found out about your pacontest..^^

    Now... What do I want 50X MORE with fairer skin? I want to be a hot (fairer) momma by the time my son turns 1 (this nov.) you see im a full-time mom and so I hardly have the time for anything else other than taking care of my baby. I dnt wanna look losyang anymore... :(

  22. thank you! :) me too! i commute to and from work! sinabi mo pa, my house is a block away from taft!

  23. Anagon: Here's mine :)

    I'm not really dark-skinned. On the contrary, I'm one of those blessed with fair complexion (thanks to my Chinese heritage). I sometimes even get comments that I'm too white and that I should get a tan. Some would even say they wish they were as fair as me (this is the most modest version I could come up with, sorry for appearing 'mayabang' :p) What others don't realize is that having fair skin also comes with a price. The downside of that is with just a little exposure from the sun, freckles would appear and alas, I'm instantly a tone or 2 darker. With this product, I'd be able to maintain my fair skin and what's more, I'll be 50x protected from the sun's harmful rays ☺

  24. More than 50x fairer skin, I want 50x FLAWLESS skin...thus, 50x less insecurities :)

  25. Carla Tayag Aww thank you for constantly visiting my online shop, I appreciate this :) And advance happy birthday to your baby!!! :))

    The Shampoo Phenomenon: omg, but you know what, kahit mapollution in taft, you have the most convenient place a! :) i mean, for a commuter like me who utilizes the trains hehe ;)

    belline.allison and reg: yeheyyy!! :)) Thanks guys, barx love!!! :))) <3

  26. We already have a winner!!! :)) To be announced soonest!! :) Thank you girls for joining! :) As Loreal will put it: You are all worth it!

  27. it's convenient, I agree, because of the train!:) pero when there's flood, eeekkk!!!
    btw, I am also greenhairclip [wordpress]. Just an fyi. :) ciao!

  28. Thanksie! :) Yes sobra, if i have a say and way, id like to live sa malapit sa mrt/lrt hehe ;)


Your turn! Always excited to read your comments! :)