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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Long before they over-used the term "vintage", I love dressing up this style that I would then fondly call "the lola fashion". Not the losyang look (oh-well, slight, haha), but more of because I seemed to be influenced with the glam-quirk outfits that I would so-often see whenever I flip through my grandma's old photo albums. And oh, blame MK Olsen, hehe.

I think I love the look for the rather conservative-but-still-pretty feel. Plus, they are so particular with the details!

Gold Tiny Bow Headband
Geek Glasses (Star Finder)
Pink Top With Peter Pan Collar (Xhilaration)
Gray Knit Cover Up (DIY)
Skinny Black Jeans (Herbench)
Black Maryjane Flats
Pearl Necklace worn as bracelet (Grandma's)
Pink Quilt Bag (NaRaYa)

The gray knit cover up is actually an ukay find which I tried to sell before. I decided to cut it in the middle and turn it into a coat.

Oh, and I finally had the chance to use my new pretty floral NaRaYa bag, which they gave to us during the Ultimate Vanity Fair (thank you!!!). I own two locally bought "soft bags" already, which are my ultimate favorite. I can't get enough of this type of bag since it is so lightweight; a help indeed for someone who brings her whole house with her whenever she goes out, haha!

The abused bags I got from Davao and Cotabato.

So this Thai brand is actually a new discovery for me. I am in love with its cute shape, dainty prints, bows and pearls accents, quilt bottom detail, quality lining, and the unique gold NaRaYa zipper. Also, I've read in their website that they are known for the bows in their bags that people in Japan call their products the "Ribbons Bag"! I may be Ms. Over-sized Bag, but I do have days when I want to give my shoulders a break--like in today's unexpected meeting for The Feast Alabang.

My dad was assigned to be the head of a new Feast Alabang project, and he signed me up as one of the writers. I think it will be a nice vehicle to achieve my "writer dreams", and at the same time, a way to serve the Lord.

Group pic! :)

Glitter Red and Glitter Brown Yeah Notebooks!

 I bought more Yeah Notebooks! :D I am so in love with its nice paper! 
Guess what color I assigned for The Feast agendas!

 I am so excited with all our plans! Can't wait to achieve them! :)


  1. Awww so pretty sis! I love this outfit! And ang galing din how you can DIY your ukay finds, I don't have the skills for it eh baka masira ko lang XD

    The journal Jessica gave me is a YEAH notebook, ganda nga ng paper, excited na ako sulatan :)

    And congratulations on the writing "gig"! :)

  2. Thank you so much sis! I am so geeky this days coz I try not to buy new contacts, pero wala bumili din kahapon hahaha! :D Takot din ako makasira ng stuff when i "experiment"--dami ko nadin nasira when i was younger :D
    Oh Yeah din pala yun!!! :D The best noh, I can stock on many Yeah ntbk pero maweweirdohan na sakin pamilya ko haha!

  3. Ana! Ang galing bagay sayo lagi yung mga kina-cut mo na tops :) Miss you! :) You'll do well on this endeavor I know for sure lalo na it's for God :)

  4. Yehey thank you melai! :) Means a lot to me: both for the diy and to my new "job" =) Miss you too!!! :)

  5. Hahaha! Supah thanks Kookie!!! :)))


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