The Feast is Ready to Begin!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Every Sunday, my family always go to the Feast Alabang's new center at the 2nd floor of Festival Mall, 4pm sharp. 

We enter the venue, and receive the nice smiles and greetings of the servers, who hand us these:

The Feast Alabang provides everyone a newsletter of last week's happenings, and an envelope for petitions and thanksgiving every week. Sometimes they include bookmarks and postcards or even a Kerygma Magazine, and other Feast paraphernalia. :)

Ate and Cea checked out the dream boards-covered walls of The Feast Alabang. :) I was also able to stick my own dream board that day!

Printed! Daya ko daw sabi ni dad, haha! But what I placed on the wall was in black and white already, hehe!

As we sit, on stage we hear the music ministry playing beautiful spiritual songs, or the dance group rehearsing one more time with the band before the session starts. Hearing the song "The trumpets sound, the angels sing..The Feast is ready to begin!" signals us the start of the day's Feast, the happiest place on earth!, as they put it! :)

 The session started with Ms. Lalaine as Worship Leader this week. 

 Dad actively participates like an eager student. :D

When  Bro. Arun talks, everyone listens. :)
Here are the best points that caught me in last Sunday's talk, still on the WISH series:

1) Wish God's Wishes.
But what is God's Wish? TO LOVE LIKE JESUS.
HOW? The details are up to you. That is how much God trusts us.

2) Your wishes are important.
There are two kinds of Wish:
a) Sacred - your prayers.
b) Secular - your faintest sighs or "daing"
And the best part is that God listens to both! :)

If Jesus were in my place, He'd pray for the same thing.

4) Going with the flow.
We tend to row against the tide...Which wouldn't take us anywhere. And will only require us to exert effort.

Why don't we just stop rowing, and start riding the boat according to God's flow?
And again, what is God's flow or wish? To love like Jesus. :)

Sometimes the simplest things are what we tend to quickly forget.
After the Feast, I treated the Gonzales family to a Makati Supermart Alabang dinner (my mom's request, hehe) to celebrate my business' success during the Candy Fair! :)

Passed by this standee! So excited, ang tagal masyado!

My corn soup --- I love soups! :)

Mom and Ate ordered the famous spaghetti of this resto. :)

Dad's usual order in this place, Okoy.

Cea and Ate's Clubhouse.

My veg omelet. :)

Bought chocolates in the grocery! :D Yummmy!

To end this post, I'd like to share this song that I first heard in The Feast. Read on the lyrics. And listen to the song:

It is too beautiful not to share. Because for me in the end, it's all about You, Jesus!

Thank You Lord for the blessings for the past weeks. All for You, Amen! :)


  1. Thank you for your comment! :) Checking out your blog too :)

  2. Hi Anna,
    Is that a new church, The Feast? I attend Lighthouse Alabang

  3. i love that song :) i love your work too!:)

  4. Hi Nori! Catholic group siya :) So every after Feast, nag mamass parin family ko nearby :)) Where is Lighthouse Alabang held? :)

  5. Thank you ava! :) The wish board ba? :) Hehe! :D

  6. yes the wish board! haha shux i forgot to mention! also i love your naraya bag and unique fashion sense :)

  7. Hahah thank you so much avaaaa!!! :) It isnt fancypancy style, i appreciate that you appreciate it! :) :D

  8. More quotes please? Laging tumatama e. :) Walang ba The Feast sa north? Heee.

  9. Hahaha thank you Claud!! :) Buti you enjoy the Feast posts ko :)) Meron near Ultra or in Visayas Ave :D Check mo here Claud the scheds! :))


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