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Thursday, October 07, 2010

I got two cool items from SeriAsia during the Ultimate Vanity Fair last week. Been almost a week since I started using them, so here are my general reviews of the coolest freebies:

1) The SeriAsia Vital Oil

I wasn't sure what this Vital Oil is for, but I thought it was a massage oil when I first saw the packaging. I was excited to use it since I love back-rubs before going to sleep. I read on the material at the side of the box and the bottle and realized that you actually use it for the face!

So I searched more about this product online, and here's what I found out about the SeriAsia Vital Oil:

dilates peripheral nerves, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage
* helps in the elimination of tissue wastes
* rich in moisturizing agents to reveal a more radiant complexion

More on that here.

I have super sensitive nose that I am not too fond of strong perfumes. So when I sniffed the bottle to catch the scent of the Vital Oil, I was actually impressed. It has no overpowering weird artificial fragrance. Just the way I like it for a good night rest.

I poured ample amount of the Vital Oil on my palm, rubbed it and felt the nice heat, before massaging my face. I actually felt relaxed that I continued applying and massaging even my neck and back. I have to add that other than feeling relaxed and refreshed, my skin also felt smooth and moisturized after using the SeriAsia Vital Oil. The best part, it doesn't feel uncomfortably sticky even when it's called an "oil"!

2) SeriAsia 6-in-1 Body Treatment Lotion

Another product that caught my curiosity was the 6-in-1 Body Treatment Lotion. I read on the material included in the kit that it wasn't only for skin moisturizing, but it was actually a sliming lotion! Who wouldn't want instant excess fat and body-wind removal? :D

Other than to achieve your ideal body shape, this product also aids in improving skin circulation and sweating. I like how my skin feels smooth and firm in the morning when I used the lotion before sleeping. As for the scent, it has a relaxing ginger-y smell, which turns out to be the main property of the product. It is also non-greasy and fast absorbing, I was never bothered with greasy skin after application.

SeriAsia, a Malaysian-based brand, also boasts of products that are all-natural and enriched with therapeutic essential oils. We are then guaranteed with only nature's way of remedy when we use this trusted brand's products.

As an online entrepreneur, accessories designer, blogger, and new writer for one of Feast Alabang's projects, I am always out and about meeting different people from all walks of life. Even when I am just at home, I always go online to maintain my online shop and blog. The stress and pressures of juggling everything can get into me. Right now the effects of the consecutive happenings took its toll on me (Vanity Fair-John Mayer-Candy Fair-Feast-Suppliers Meet Ups)...I slept the WHOLE day today because I got sick. I hate being unproductive, and being physically and mentally drained, so I thought that I deserve a relaxing break from all responsibilities. What better way to unwind than treating yourself spa-style, in the comforts of your home. Thank you SeriAsia! :)

Check out SeriAsia Website for more cool products from this brand. :)


  1. Annnaaaaa! I'm soooo inggit sa inyo guys. Sana nakarating ako sa Vanity fair!

    Melai of Style and Soul

  2. oooh we all got different stuffs!:) i got their ganoderma lotion :D

  3. Melai!! We have an event naman next week, yipee! :)) Cant wait to see you! :)

    Ava: Ooh cool!!:) What's the ganoderma lotion for?? :) Nakakacurious yun nakuha ng iba :))

  4. Fickle Cattle: Haha thank you so much!! :)) Made my nail art myself! :)

  5. Thank you for featuring SeriAsia! We will be opening our Tagaytay retail-spa branch in Summit Ridge Hotel. Hope you can visit us in March this year. :)

  6. Thank you also Ms. Wayne for your wonderful products! :)) I'd love to go there someday, and maybe do another seriasia feature! :)

  7. Hi Anagon, hope you find time to send me your contact information to :) We are planning to throw an awesome blogger's sparty to all those who blogged about SeriAsia. If you have friends who blogged about us, let us know. Thanks!


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