I dream of more photoshoots

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I had this "photo shoots phase" months or a year ago, where I had almost weekly collaborations with different photographers and models for my online shop Anagon. I realized that during that phase, people really text or message me online if they can model for my site, or be the photographer or make up artist for my next shoot, and all for ex-deal! Gah, those were the days, hehe. 

Photog: Patty Mendoza
Model: Sab Anupol
MUA: Arnina Sandoval
Model: Kirsten Rice
Photographer: Tracy Ayson
Photographer: Patty Mendoza
Model: Cy Belarmino
Photographer: Patty Mendoza
Model: Tata Garcia
MUA: Louise Chan
Model: Aura Azarcon
Photographer: Mark Owen
MUA: Ralph Dela Cruz

I really miss photo shoots for my online shop, now the talented people don't really volunteer or take projects from products that aren't their style or something (but I understand). Other than that, everyone's so busy already, I can't even think of scheduling something! =/

Anyway, I had been planning to reshoot the oldest designs of my online shop, or what I call my classic Anagon pieces. naks. These are the wire art accessories from the Golden Slumbers Collection. And I am lucky to have a great photographer to do the photo shoot with her own model. I sent the products to her via courier (grabe ganon kami ka walang time or matched free scheds! =p), and a few days ago, she sent to me some edited photos via email. Here are the lovely pictures!!!

The cutest model. The best location. Dreamy photos. <3 I'm in love! :)

Pure talented people:
Photographer: China Chai Muncal
Model: Jesrhel Co


  1. I own a classic collection of Anagon! Naks ;)

  2. HAHAHA! :D Naks talaga,syempre isa ka sa first buyers ko! :D hehee!!

  3. Nasa akin pa rin yung necklaces, yung may yellow and black heart. Pati yung pareho kami ni Empress! Hmm pwede na rin pala akong magphotoshoot ng akin! Kaso wala ako nung ibang Golden Slumber mo. :(

  4. i want to model but not sure if modeling wants me.hahahaha

  5. Emsky! :D Tanda ko yun yellow and black heart :D Wah galing! Pati yun Empress Necklace, haha! :D Thank you a!!
    Bianca! Malay mo diba!! :))

  6. I like the photos! :) Gusto ko rin ng photos na ganun di ko maachieve! Yung parang faded something. Haha!

    and oh, like MM nasakin pa din lahat ng binili ko from you. Anddd it's always the ones I wear the most. Yung red nga na bear, bumigay na sa sobrang gamit na gamit ko sya e. Hahaha! :))

  7. Oo nga e zel!! :D Dreamy photos nalang tawag ko sakanila hehehe...cute noh :D Chai is the best photog sa ganun!!! :)

    Awww natotouch naman ako, nasenti ako dati we meet pa sa foodcourt ng galle para mamili ka ng anagon hehehe :)) i miss my COC Trio! :))


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