Store I Adore: Bóboli

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Even I would love to wear their clothes! 

Step into Bóboli's neat and cute boutique in Greenbelt 5 for a wide array of the most stylish and adorable children's apparel. Their Spring-Summer Collection caters the clothing needs of children as young as newborns till kids at their 14. Best news is, they're also currently on sale!

Be greeted by these well-styled mannequins. I sure would love to have kids this fashionable!

This silver long jacket is just perfect for the season!
P3, 960.- 

Nautical pieces for your young ones!

Racks and racks of clothes with detailed designs and good construction.

They also offer adorbs footwear! :)
 P1, 050, currently on sale at P525

My pick for the little girls:
 P2, 370

This simple LRD (Little Red Dress) stands out for its color and details

My pick for the little boys:
 T Shirt - currently on sale at P660,
Plaid Shorts - P1, 450

Will look good on both your little boy or girl:
 Shirt - P1,050
Vest - P1, 450
Shorts - P1, 780

Preppy ensemble, with cute button pins!

Protect your kid from Manila's sun with these fun hats!

There's also a space for the kids to play while you shop for them:

A board where they can stick their artworks:

 And a really chic dressing room!

Love the doodles! Ako yun sa mirror, o, haha!

With Ms. Meanne Barnuevo, cashier for Bóboli:

While taking the photos of the clothes, I was talking to the very accommodating Ms. Meanne about their brand. She told me that Bóboli means "garden", and it was actually quite new in the country (opened last May). Right now, they only have a store in Greenbelt 5, but soon Bóboli will also be in Trinoma to cater the north people. Also, their coming Winter Collection will already provide clothes up to the 16-year-olds.

No wonder Pinoy celebrities and big names in the society are the constant visitors of the shop: Bóboli promises first class clothing at superior quality and trendy styles. The hefty price tags might surprise the buying parents and godparents, but the durable and comfortable pieces are worth it.

I'm sure stylish mommy bloggers DeniseAva, and Lloyda will agree to that! :)

Bóboli is located in Greenbelt 5, Makati.
Special thanks to Ms. Ayet Quimpo


  1. hey Ana! I agree with you! I am such a maarte mommy when it comes to my baby's clothes, hehe!Delicate ksi skin nila so I want clothes that are comfy, soft, something that will last a long time, and of course, fashionable. I would definitely check Boboli. :) THanks for the mention in your blog post Ana!:)

  2. oh wow!!! i can't wait to be a mom and have a mini-me to dress up with cute Boboli clothes... and the shoes are truly adorable!

    baby clothes are so small and cute...

  3. Aww thank you thank you denise and crickette! :) grabe ako matagal pa ata..but i sure would love to have a mini me to dress up din, tipong princess sarah ang ichura hahaha!

  4. I wish ganyan din ka-cute clothes nung baby pa ako. hahahaha!


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