The Candy Fair

Saturday, October 02, 2010

When you read this, I am already at the Candy Fair in A. Venue Makati, personally manning my own accessories stall. Wrote this in advance and will set it on scheduled post. I am nerxcited (nervous-excited) right now, 2 nights before the event, since tomorrow I won't be going home already after the John Mayer concert (Wee!). Will sleepover again at Ana's, who lives around 20 minutes away from the venue!

To attract the good vibes, I'd say: I am now having the time of my life participating in my favorite bazaar, which I've been joining in since 2007. I'll be mingling with my fellow Candy Girls of all age and sizes, food-tripping with Ana in the food stalls (NY Fries, White Hat, Fruit Magic), and checking out the other fashion concessionaires like Style Break, Cintura, and Pill! 

To end this post, let me share photos from last year's Candy Fair. I was one of those who braved the typhoon Ondoy going to Megatent in Pasig, so as not to miss out one event that I always look forward to yearly. I may not be a teen anymore, but I will always and forever be a Candy Girl at heart. :-) 

(uma-outfit post nadin ako noon, haha)

Mom had a headache that time, but she was still there to support me. :)


  1. hey!I saw you at the Candy friend Jonessa a.k.a ScarletApril and I was there.sayang,we're going to approach you sana,pero ang daming tao and you're kinda busy :P

  2. Nicole!!! Sayang! :P It would have been great to see fellow bloggers! :)) Hope you girls had a blast too! :)

  3. Aww... I wasn't able to see this one =( but I hope the event went well!

  4. Thanks Nicole, the event was a hit! :) Candy Fairs rock! :))


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