Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flashback Valentines Day this year, my Feb 14, 2010 was spent with Ava and Ana, all singol ladies, hehe. We decided to watch the much-raved musical Rent in RCBC. After searching the www for show dates and time, I was lucky to score Orchestra Side tickets for the last show on vday! It came with a quite hefty price of P1,600, if compared with cinema tickets. 

Marcianos dinner before the show.

But then watching a live show is a totally different experience from watching a movie. Although I appreciate special effects, soundtracks, and cinematography that movies offer, actors delivering their lines and emotions right in front of you gives an impact even the silver screen just can't match. Tagos ba.

That RENT night, I realized how much St. Scho has exposed and influenced us in theater appreciation. Back in grade school, we were always required to go to Meralco Theater and catch prods like Annie! We even had our Little Theater center stage moments--Junto al Pasig in grade 4 (I was an angel, haha), A Midsummer Night's Dream in grade 6 (I was Snug the Joiner), and even created our own scripts and turned them into big productions in high school (Ecoplay in first year, Thailand in second year, Much Ado About Nothing in third year!)! 

I wouldn't be surprised then if from time to time we still try to catch a play at this age. My friend Tamems even bought a show with some friends:

Will watch Xanadu The Surprise Hit Broadway Musical, a comedy play this December 5, Sunday, 8pm, in the RCBC Plaza Auditorium. I'll be with Geo and Ana! :) If you're interested to enjoy a pa-cultured night of laughter, get your tickets from Tamems by texting her @ 0917.8451087. No required reports and play analysis after watching, hehe! ;-) Hope to see you there!!!


  1. Natawa naman ako sa "No required reports and play analysis after watching, hehe! ;-)" Haha! I would love to join you sana kaso may pasok early the next day x_x Kaka-miss nga manood ng ganito kasi nun college we were required to watch them for Critical Writing and Dramatics classes :)

  2. Hahaha thank you sis! :D Aww sayang that would have been fun, to have you around! :D Nakakamiss din nun required pa manood ng plays noh??? :D Hehehe! Palagi lang akong extra! ;D

  3. Ah! I should try this one of these days for my art blog Most theater prices are at P500. I skipped Cats nga because it was super expensive (and I had always been bored by their songs). But I remember watching Xanadu on VHS as a kid, with Olivia Newton John as the lead. :)

  4. skysenshi: Thanks! :) I have to agree! I skipped Cats too coz I was out of budget then huhu... :D


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