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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I joined the Artwork t-shirt design contest months ago (bought the pack for P120)....

Made my entry on my sleepover at Ana's house night before the deadline... (Ms. Crammer Gonzales)

And here's my "masterpiece" for the theme "Happiness"!
My GV Tee: I wear this to attract good vibes!
Wala lang, pa-cute!
Pray for my entry! I want the Mac Book!!! :P

Went with the family and the Mutucs to Loyola to visit the much-missed nanay last November 1...

It was raining that day, so we had to carry our umbrellas all-throughout our stay...
At least it wasn't super hot!

Also tried Tita Emma's Malunggay Burger! :D
Gulay na gulay sa itsura, pero masarap sya! :)

When we arrived in ATC that afternoon, I had a 3pm lunch with my sisters in Mexicali before watching Social Network (second time around for me ;p)

My meal: Veg Burrito with Garlic and Cheese Quesadillas and Chips. <3
Super love Mexicali!!!

I also received a mail few days ago...

Weee!! :D It's my GCash ATM Card!!!
The info sheet said we can use the card in any ATM (minus P20 per transaction). Meaning, I don't need to go to a Globe Center to cash-out! :D

Convenient, and very creative since they used the photos I sent to them for my card! <3

Vain ko haha!


  1. Ang vain nga! :) Sana sa lisensya pwede rin yung ganyan tayo kaganda. Haha.

    Good luck sa Artwork shirt design contest! Ang funny lagi ng entry mo. :)

  2. wow i love your gcash ATM card!! LOVE IT!! good luck with your ARtwork entry!!:)

  3. N: Wahahahaha! :D Ang cute nun, sana pati passport. Hahah! :D Thank you so much! ;) I need all the luck, parang pambata parin drawing ko, sana may appeal sa kanila hehe. ;)

    Ava!!! Hahahah! :)) Thanks sis! :D Ang arte noh? :) Lovet in my Wallet. Hehehe! :)) Thanks, sana sana manalo!!!

  4. That is pretty awesome! I'd want a Gcash card too just for kicks! It looks amazing in a wallet. (And your photo is sooo pwetty!)

    The malunggay burger does not look appetizing. XD

    sPam of frou-frou

  5. Hi kababayan! Your masterpiece t-shirt is so adorable ! i'm following your blog from now on, hope you drop by my blog and follow me too if you like it !

  6. love the gcash card ana!I need to get one for myself!haha!:)

  7. Ate Ana, I'll really pray for your shirt. I wanna see your shirt design in Artwork's clothes rack SOON. Haha. I like your new ATM card too. :))

  8. Pam! :D Hahahah ang cool if IDs are that way noh, pati MRT card narin, hehehe ;P
    Wah naku i thought so, gulay na gulay but I <3 it since tagal ko na hindi nag "buburger" hehe! :D

    Jewels! :) Thank you so much! :) I really hope I win! :)

    Denise! Get yours na, convenient pa and pacute hehe! :))

    Nadine!!! You won my anagon monthly giveaway! :) Message meee! :) Hahahah naku sana mag dilang anghel ka with me winning Artwork! Go Fight Win nalang talaga I found out in their FB 1k++ ang sumali! :D Haha!

  9. me jealouus :( i also want the card .

  10. Hihihi the card is so cute noh? :) It's super convenient oo! :) Thanks D.Gap!:)


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