Greater Good Apparel Media Launch

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fashion for the Greater Good. 

Wow, I just love the ring to this phrase. Not only because I love fashion, but also because it is nice to know that this passion for clothes may seem superficial, but can actually be a world-changing and powerful tool in social empowerment.

Which is why I enjoyed the fashionable event last Thursday night with my blogger friends, thanks to my friend from college Mel de Quiros of Full Circle PR agency for inviting us! My girls and I went to faraway Mall of Asia to attend the opening of Greater Good, a new concept store that aims to "Wear Humanity".

Greater Good aims to spread awareness by translating social issues (varying from animal rights, environment, poverty, and hunger) through graphic tees.

Such a neat and innovative looking store! :) Designed by Jagnus Design Studio's Arnold Acero Austria.
photo from greater good website

Went with Pax, Melai, and Ava! :)

It is also a nice experience to meet and interview Greater Good owners 23-year-old Christian Concepcion, and his cousin Michael, who is only 19! Such young and admirable social entrepreneurs! 

Greater Good takes pride in having t-shirt designs collaboration with different artists and celebrities. The young cousin-tandem even encourage more artists, both budding and pros, to contribute their own socially empowering design for the brand. Here are some designs available in their store, all retailing at only Php 550. 

Kneil Melicano's "Nature's Gas Mask":

"Tusks for Bucks", also by Kneil Melicano:

Carlo Tolentino's "Power of the People":

Raymond Gutierrez's "Take Flight"

Argie Salango's "A Dying Breed"

Photographer Manny Librodo's "A Landscape of Emotions":

Louie Paul Jalbuena's "Reality Tree":

And my personal favorite, "Bright Ideas":
Which turns out to be a design by the team behind Greater Good! :D

The clothing line grants part of its profits to various organizations such as Gawad Kalinga and Bayan-anihan; truly a brand for the Greater Good!

A conversation with the friendly store staff:

Have a cool and socially relevant tee design??? :)
Here's how you can actually join and collaborate with Greater Good! CLICK!

When we went out of the store, they already served food, buffet style! :)

We also witnessed the blessing of the new place:

Full Circle Communications' Sam, who is very accommodating to us =) 

My college classmate / ka-basag Mel, also from Full Circle! :) Thank you so much again for inviting us!

Love to see my friend at work! :) So proud of you, Mel!

Ribbon cutting:

Three generations of Concepcions. I really look up to Sir Joey Concepcion of Go Negosyo!

Also bumped into several fellow bloggers, like pretty Vern!:

Amazing on-the-spot graffiti by Archie Geotina of Blackbook design.

Spotted lots of celebrities that night, like the super pretty Georgina Wilson!

But I got most star-strucked with the blogger I love: Saab Magalona!...With Julius! :D Hah!

After the event, had dinner and chika with the gang in French Baker:

Outfit photos! =)

Feeling sweet and ladylike ala Summer Finn with my Red Roses Headband (ANAGON), Floral Dress (Vintage), Brown Braided Belt (Mango), Doctor's Bag (Cheers 101), and Oxfords (Ichigo).

As an entrepreneur myself, I really admire people who, at such young age, also venture into creating their own business. But what is more amazing with Christian and Michael Concepcion is that they created something more than an income-generating project, but a business that: 1) Promotes Filipino artistic talents, 2) Aims awareness of social issues, and 3) Becomes a tool for charity. Someday, I hope my own little online shop will not only be my source of bread-and-butter, but also a means for the Greater Good. If only more businesses have this common goals, what a better place it is to live in.

Greater Good is in the Entertainment Mall, Ground Level of the SM Mall of Asia
Tel 8465536


  1. Kahit hindi tayo naka black, at least carry ang outfit!:) hehe Thank you so much again, ana for this awesome experience! and love for forever bag mo!

  2. Wow naman! Ka-batch namin ni Bestie si Mel nung high school. :) Ganda nga ng shirts nila. Napadaan ako sa store nung Friday. At reasonable na siya sa Php550. :)

  3. Ava glad you enjoyed the event! :) And thank you din for coming with me! :D HAHAHA buti carry nga ang hindi naman natin pag black! ;)

  4. N: Ang galing super small world naman! :D Di ko alam na kilala din pala ni mel si bestie hehehe! Infairness nga with the price noh. :) Ok pa yun quality :)

  5. Anagon, I cannot begin to tell you how much I have missed you. I'm sorry I have been so distant from blogger. My first semester at the different uni was crazy.
    Anyway, you and your friends are beautiful. I love your dress a lot.
    Please tell me more about you.


  6. I love your outfit Ana!

    And wow, Full Circle Communications pala ang PR team behind it! Kaka-miss :D

  7. i really like your dress. It's like a grandma dress but realy looks so chic on you. I love long dresses. And you girls looks fabush and so chica.

    have a great Christmas!

  8. Hi Tywo! =) What are you taking in college btw? :) It's so interesting to have a friend overseas :) Hope you're doing well in the uni! :)

    And I missed your blog too!!!

  9. Krissy! Alam mo naalala ko lang na mag kakilala kayo ni Mel nun andun nako! :D Kinuwento ko kaniya na yung "Krissy" the blogger ay nag ojt for full circle before,and kaya din tayo nagkakilala :D Cool lang! :) Next event!!! Para makameet narin kayo ni mel hehehe!

    Denise! Thank you so much! :D I am so Lola, but I just love that fashion/style hihi! :) May you have a great Christmas too! :) <3

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