Barx Black-and-White Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In our senior year in high school, my Barx decided to wear black-and-white outfits for our yearbook photo op. Para themed and pa-cute lang. ;)

Seven years later, we decided to make a repeat of the said color scheme. I'm not sure though if sadya nila when they thought of requiring black-and-white for our annual Christmas party in Reg's place last Friday. But no fail, cute parin sa photos. ;) Hehehe.

But before the party...

Geo picked up some of us in Glorietta 5's Bo's Coffee. Yey free ride! ;D

She came from work, thus the violet top. She said she's still not in her "costume" (hehe). Geo arrived at around 8pm already, and still "giftless" for our White Elephant. Winaiting niya nalang ang car niya sa SM to last-minute shop, and left the 4 non-drivers helpless and pinag diskitahan ng strict Ayala guard! BENTA! 

Food first when we got there! :)

What the Bullies (Me, Tamems, and Ana) brought for the potluck: 
Trio Pizza din! Hehe!

This is why I love house parties, hehehe:
Dun na mismo ang makeupan! :D hahaha!!!! :D

Pretty ni Reg! :) <3

We had endless chikas and gift giving...
Printed 16 wallet-size of this as my barx gift! :) Calendar with Barx birthdays!

Then the ever-riot White Elephant!!! :D

...A.K.A Agawan ng gifts! 
In our rules, 3X pa! :D

Change of mechanics daw, sabi ni Atty. Suarez! Hehehe!

May angal talaga yung iba! :D Hahaha!
Tamems, 300 petot lang yan sa SM! Hahaha!

Ayaw mo Geo ng tumbler? Hehehe!

While kaming three, tatahi-tahimik na, we got the most-coveted gifts! Haha! :D

Afterwards ..."Lasing Bobo" naman! :D

I love the topics that were brought up! Sobrang benta, and "So High School!" Haha!
At pag hindi trip ang topic na nabring up, "Booo!!! Shot Shot Shot!" Hahaha.

And for me, more on Lasing "Bingi" ata ako, hehehe!
Busy kasi mag cheat with seatmates hehe.

In the middle of enumerating high school teachers, barx exes, and high school subjects (Mel, HELE?, haha!)...Abi called from the States! :,) I miss you Abi!!!

"Di marunong mag drive alliance!" - Mitch

While sa kabilang table, ang mga Barx boyfriends (aka MANagon Collection!) pamagic magic lang and parang may sariling party, haha!

Ang saya nila o! Haha!

Of course, not going to leave without a group picture! :)

With my Bullies, and the second hand smoker-me! ;) Hehehe!
I love Tamems' polo-dress, and I styled ms. jeans girl Ana that night! Haha! Wala namang angal! ;)

Outfit Photos! :)
Lace Boater Hat (SM), Rings (Anagon)

Make Up by Angela Hidalgo! ;D (

Sheer Cover-Up and Dress (Thrifted), Belt (Anagon) Black Booties (H&M), Hot Pink Socks (Robinsons Dept Store)...I think this outfit is way better than the black peasant top and denim skirt combo of circa 2003 Anagon, hehehe.

No Christmas Party like a Barx Christmas Party! Hah! It's not about the clothes or the food or the location or what we get ... The best part in this party is being with people I am most comfortable with.

Thank you Tamems, Ana, Myey, Geo, Abi, Icah, Marj, Tep, Alli, Mitch, Mona, Mel, Bodz, Reg, and Chicks for the 7+++ years of "partying" with you guys. 

 What can I say?
 I am a Barx girl forever. :) <3


  1. Cute mo, Ana! Di pa kami nag-gget together ng high school friends ko. :( I super miss! I'm so inggit. Mukhang enjoy na enjoy talaga. Sana may ma-plan din kami. :) Natawa naman ako dun sa MANagon Collection. =))

    Merry Christmas, dear!

  2. Merry Christmas Megann! :) <3 Thank you so much! High school friends are the best noh! :D HAHAHA whenever I hear MANagon Collection parang feel na feel ko may minions ako hahahah :D

  3. i swear talaga High School Friends Are FOREVER!! :D nice to see you guys altogether for Christmas! :D

  4. True Mai!!! :)) Kulasas rule! Hehehe! :D When party niyo nila Miya, Trency, etc?? :) Happy Holidays!!!! :)

  5. tapos na rin! we went to Burgos Circle nung Monday! will be blogging about it din! :D Happy Holidays too! :)))

  6. Wah cool! :D Oh and i wanna try the restos in burgos circle din a...:D Yey will watchout for your post! :)


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