A little room tour!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inspired by our Featured Fashionista Abbie's own room tour post here! :)

Been flooding my FB with my statuses (state?, stati?...Oh confusing English language! ;P Haha!) on the biggest challenge I ever set foot upon: Cleaning up my factory, este, room! HAH!

Here are some photos of Anagon's nook and knickknacks. And hopefully, you'll get to know a little bit more of me too through my humble crib. :) Hehe...

I have sooo much ring boxes in my room right now, I am actually giving them away to buyers who bought lots of rings:
This is for my dear buyer named Cecille. :)

Am I the only yuppie girl without her "plastic" bff? :P 
Ana told me if ever I get my own credit card, I should get this:
It has to be a Mango credit card, hahaha, kulit lang.

I was reaching for a box on the top shelf, and I didn't realize that another box filled with BEADS is on top of it!
Sabi ko nga, wag ko na kayang pulutin, kanwari fancy Christmas decor lang sila jan. Hahaha!

Been wanting to dye my hair, but I can't find the time! :P
Lahat nasespend ko sa pag iinternet. :P Hehe!
Cheap box of hair color. I've been using this brand for a year already!

Went with Ana on her inaanak Christmas shopping in Rustans last Saturday. I bought some goodies for myself too!
Lissa Frank FTW! I miss Camus and Casey! :D Haha!

My blue and yellow closet and tukador. Do you also use that term? ;)
Naka hang na susuotin ko sa Christmas party ng Barx on Friday! Black and White Party-- Yehey!

Just added the tie-dye top, now backdrop, in my tukador! :)

And yes, that's a new designer addition to my room: 
LV ang basahan ko, FTW! :D Hahaha!

Shelves for my beads, feathers, charms, chains, wires, stocks, tools, etcetera. 
And my computer table, where I actually "work" on Anagon Collection online transactions...and where I blog! :D

And yes, naka PC parin ako hanggang ngayon. Mercedes Benz naman yan o:
'Syal, hahaha!

My mood / achievements board aka my wall: 
And my low bed with the Tender Juicy unan, hehe! :D

My bedside "table" with the newspaper-basket :
I'd like to thank my sponsors Kustie Body Butter and Loreal Night Repair for my nightly regimen. Sosyal kala mo naman artista, hahaha.

Window-side, more cabinets and shelves:

Books, magazines, and toys! :)

Tigers Collection and my Coke phone:

Some of my favorite hats! :)

Bags rack and my eternally-raining door! :D

I ransacked a lot of antique stuff from my lola Nanay's house when she passed away. Like this really nice old lampara:

THERE! Almost done with my general room clean-up! Almost, but not quite. Hehe! I have to go double time, my family (mother's side) will have Noche Buena here in our house, and that's less than 10 days from now! :D

Hope you had fun, kahit magulo! :) Ready na magpaslumber party uli dito, hehehe!

That's all folks! ;D


  1. did i just spot simba on your closet?? haha =p cool!! I remember rafiki.. :D
    Love your room tour, ana! I adore the eternally raining door!

  2. Yes Ava! :D Hahahah! Si Simba yun, my 2nd love next to Peter Pan Hehehe! :D Aww! :)
    And thank you so much hehehe! :) Dont we both love colorsss! :) <3

  3. WOW. grabe! hahah >:D nakakatuwa yung caption mo Ms. Ana, haha! >:) Go go go! kaya mo yan!

    xx, Channie

  4. fack! ang saya i love yer room. mukhang pang boy pero keri. effek ang character! hey how much ung owl doublefinger ring? grabe! i love yer accessories ana!


  5. add: i use lolane too! cheapopero kumukulay. yer funny. well , pareho tau. DESKTop mode. ayoko ng laptop. gsto ko malaki ang keyboard! haaha i love u ana

  6. Love this post ahahahhaa! And sis! Pareho tayo nun tiger-print mo na box!!! Soul-sisters, lovett! :D

  7. love your room tour ana! makes me know you more as a person :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  8. So quirky! There are so many things I like in your room, number one is the "It takes months to find a customer" and the LV basahan hahahaha

  9. Thank you Channie! :D Hahaha! Mahirap mag ayos talaga ng room ko :P Super challenge hehehe! :D

    Karl! :D Hahaha thank you! :D Dark blue mode noh, pero grabe yan din sinabi ng boyfriend ng ate ko panlalake daw room ko ;p Hahaha! :D And yey to lolane! ;D Best brand, lalo pag nagsale hehehe! :D

    Krissy thank you so much!!! :)) Actually iba ang nakuha kong box-table, but pinapalit ko kay ate! :) soul sisters parin hehe! <3 Ang galing lang! :)

  10. Melai my sis thank you! :D Hehehe! Anong nalaman mo sakin?? ;) ;) Messy girl ako noh heheheh! :D

    Lorraine thank you so much! :D Hahaha! Benta lang yun bagong basahan ko hehehe :D May comforter din yun haha di ko na binili! ;D

  11. Wow naman good job sa paglilinis!!!!!!

  12. PUTEK ANA ANG PANGET NG PANGALAN MO! BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! :D BENTA!!!!! ;D Christmas gift ko BAKAS! Hahahaha!!!!!!!!

  13. Hahahaha nag-iiwan lang ng bakas sa blog mo as requested!!!!!! Miss ko na Benz mo!

  14. PUTEK!!! :D HAHAHHA! Ikaw nga pala nag pangalan jan HAHAHAH! Di ata bumenta sa iba satin lang ahhahaha!!! E si Tender Juicy miss mo nadin???! ;D Hahaha!!!

  15. Katuwa yung room mo Ana, tapos dami mo pa rings! Panalo yung mga caption, lalo na yung tender juicy unan haha! :D

    Lee []

  16. Hahahah thank you Lee!!! ;D Ang cute nun tender juicy unan noh! :D Fave ko yun hehehe :D

  17. i love the color of your room ms.ana :)))) so nice .

  18. Hey Anagon! Nice room! Like most people I LOVE your Tender Juicy pillow! How I wish my room could be as colorful and vibrant as yours! :D

  19. Ate! I enjoyed the virtual tour. :))
    I like the moon under your tukador. Lume-level up ka ha, basahan na lang pala ang LV ngayon. :P
    Gumagana po yung Coca-cola phone mo or props lang?

    Photo comments, FTW! :))

  20. D Gap: Thank you so much! :) I love that it's always "dark" in here kahit umaga hehe :)

    Hahaha thank you Mahimahi! :) Love my Tender Juicy pillow too, dala ko sya noon kahit singapore haha :D Thank you again heeh! :D

  21. Nadine benta Photo Comments FTW!!! :D Hahahah!
    Yun Coke phone gumagana yan! :D But gets irritating pag nagtagal, kasi pagnag ring siya, todo hanap asan naba yun butas niya hahaha :D

    Meryl! :D Hahaha benta lang, may comforter pa nga yan, sana gumawa din sila curtains at wall paper..jok! :D hehehe!

  22. Nga pala! si Mai toh from St. Scho! hahaha! how are u na? haven't seen u in a while! :)

  23. "It takes months to find a customer."

    So true Ana! =) I love the tender juicy unan! Hahahaha. Reminds me of my childhood days. Hehe.

  24. Mai! :D Ay oo! :D Yey Kulasa!! I'm ok! Here, isang online tindera heehee! :D Kamusta din ikaw? :) Following you na sa blogger! <3 :)

  25. Maye! :D Hehehe super! Tapos ang catch niyan sa dulo in small font: "seconds to lose one"...o diba! Entrepreneur na entrepreneur! hehehe! :D Love that pillow, it's from sleepcare, gift sakin ng bff ko! :D hehehe! :)


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