I didn't expect this from blogging.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Went out last Wednesday with my close blogger friends. I love it that we just decided to have a pre-Christmas get-together in Trinoma. :)

Late lunch in Krissy-endorsed Bigoli. Hehe!
Ava, Krissy, Me!

It was already mag 3pm, but sa super gutom, I ordered a slice cheese overload!

.....AND a fetu alfredo! ;p
I just have to order the creamiest and cheesiest selection in the menu. 
Mas masarap talaga pag nakakataba! 

Krissy also (generously!) shared her slice of cheese cake to me:
Love the chocolate chips, walnuts, AND the crust. :P

Our only boy Athan dined with us!
Cutie enjoying his garlic bread, heehee.

Ang cute mo masyado, pa-hug nga! :D

One of our agendas for the day was to watch Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. While waiting for our Ateng Pax, we decided to window shop! I think it's cool to be with people who are also crazy for pretty things!!! :D

Then we saw this cute pastel stripes wall. I just saw an *outfit post photo op alert* sign in my blogger friends' eyes. Hahaha.
Lazy Anagon.
Blue sheer top (JMS), printed leggings (gift of a sweet buyer :)), Coral Ichigo yellow zipper flats (won from Melai's giveaway!), my pretty new crush bag (Cheers 101)

Photo op with Athan! :)

They're the cutest mom-n-son! :) 

Krissy spotted this ballerina Christmas display--bagay sa kanyang pretty in pink ballet shoes!

After getting tired frustrated of strolling around the different shops on a shopping-for-self-ban (dapat for others/Christmas gifts naman!), we headed to Red Mango for another round of kainan. Syempre, as a foodie, wala akong reklamo! ;) Hehehe!

Ano kayang inoorder nila? :)

Got my usual medium original froyo with blueberries, almonds, and dezato mochi! :D

Namiss kita, Red Mango! :D

Decided to bring out my rings! I let my friends choose their Christmas present! :)

I also got a gift from Ava! :) Yehey! 

Syempre sinuot ko kaagad! ;)

Super bilis ng oras, when we time checked, we only had 10  minutes left to buy our tickets AND movie foods! :D Krissy and I were panicking...and joking around na "3 minutes nalang"! Don't want to miss the trailers! Tense dance!

Parang basketball lang, Pax arrived nung last twoooo minuuutes! Yehey!

Ava and baby Athan had to leave because the movie will end late already. =S About Narnia, I wasn't really a follower of the book and movie so I didn't know what to expect. But I enjoyed the film, and can even repeat watching it kahit hindi na 3D kasi hassle sa ilong hehe. 

When the film started, Krissy's voice changed when she shrieked to me "Crush ko yun Caspian!"..And indeed the actor is a hottie. Haha! Benta din side comments ni Pax while watching with her bottomless NYFD cajun chicken pasta haha! Can you just imagine watching a movie with her? Hilarious!

 Ang fashown lang nila!
"Naka Glitterati belt!"

But my favorite? Ang dumadiary na si Eustace! Haha! :D Parang blogger lang.

More photo ops and window shopping post-movie:

Pax was the one who approached a lady manning a nearby store to take a photo of the three of us. She convinced her by saying aalis na yun naka blue papuntang Singapore. Sasyal ko siguro kay ate!

As much as I rave about my "job", I always admit that the con side of being self-employed is not having your own "post-college friends". While my high school and college friends have their own officemate or med/law school barkada, I feel like I am The Loner Online Seller who works home alone in her pambahay (na butas sa likod, hehe). Then I established genuine friendships with my online buyers -- girls who also have their blogs!

I remember before I will only meet Ava for her orders. It became so regular, I think even once every 2 weeks! One time she was late in our meet up in Jollibee Vito Cruz. She apologized and told me she can't find a sitter for her son! Athan! :D

There was a time I made a very unusual body chains collection for my shop, and a certain Melai ordered one. I thought that this girl must be fashown for wanting a body harness, and then she emailed me a photo of how she styled it! Indeed the styling is in true Style-and-Soul fashion!

Pax is this fashion blogger who ordered a customized necklace and a ring from me. I even read and commented on her Vietnam-Cambodia trip blog..few days before going there myself! Then I finally met her in a bazaar we both participated in! She's super friendly and ma-chika! 

While Krissy, she got an Anagon Collection gift from her former OJT boss--who is a mom of my classmate! She messaged me in Multiply, and from then, we started reading and commenting on each others' posts! :)

I didn't expect this at all from blogging. Not the freebies, not the exposure, but genuine friends. <3

Thank you Ava, Pax, Krissy, and Melai! :)


  1. aww ana!! katouch naman!!^_^ i never expected din na from a buyer we'll be friends and have so much more!:) thank you too! can't wait for face hunter!! must blog din!

  2. You girls look lovely! I'm not a frequent commenter, but I'm def stalking the best fashion blogs in Pinas.

  3. awww, this is sweet. nakakatuwa na from online to real life, friends talaga kayo. na-miss ko sobra girlfriends ko because of this post! pati Trinoma na-miss ko haha kasi halos araw-araw andun ako dati. <3

    Lee []

  4. Ava: True!!! Super excited to see you girls again! :)) Yehey! :D <3

    Herroyalbleakness: Wow thank you so much this means a lot to me!! :)) <3

    Lee: Heehee, I love to go to Trino rin from time to time kahit super layo from my place !:D Lalo na pag si Krissy nagyaya i make sure trinoma kami hehe! ;)

  5. Aww this looks so much fun! :) Ang cute cute naman ni Athan. Naku, baka maging blogger na rin yan! ;)

  6. Wahahah! Ohmy oo nga noh, super exposed sya sa blog events hah! :D thanks megann!!! :)

  7. hi, im a new blogger, hope 2 meet u someday

  8. Hi Lara! :) Good luck with your blogging dear! :) Would love too! :)


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