After Christmas...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

These are just some of the pictures flashing through my head when I run/skip/drag my butt up and down our stairs and do some really mean yoga stunts (joke, yung pinaka simple lang, focus on tummy area).

The things I do to fit in my clothes again...and to have more space for food come 2011-salubong! ;) Hehe!
Konting tiis lang! Kaya pa? Kayang kaya! :D

I hate diets, so I'd rather exercise. 
Tell me how you're planning to lose those extra Holiday fats! :D
Unless you're like Krissy or Pax who are so lucky they don't mind getting those extra pounds! :D


  1. I honestly think your body is A-okay sis! Kaysa naman sa akin na hirap makakuha ng size kasi malaki sa akin >.<

    Looking forward to food fests this coming New Year's Eve! And yay see you tomorrow Ana! :)

  2. Now I'm hungry!!! :-)

  3. Krissy: Thank you so much! :D But if makampante ako, lolobo talaga ako! :D hahaha! :D Im so excited to eat again tomorrow..and then exercise nalang uli hehehe! :)

    Ef: sigh ako din nagutom hahaha! :D

  4. OMG Nagutom ako sa pictures mo, Ana! Totally agree on dieting. Magexercise ka nalang! Life's too short not to eat what we want to eat. AHAHAHA!

  5. Try boxing! mabilis ang effect nya. But for now wala munang diet diet for me sa January na! =)

  6. Pam: Totally my mindset! :D Hahahah! Cannot not eat! :)) Hehehe!

    Aie! :D Maybe I should try that!! :D Mukhang masaya pa! Tried going to the gym yrs ago, di ako nag enjoy compared to my stairs thingy ngayon (with matching music hehehe) :D

  7. I love Christmas posts that features food and food. haha! Late Christmas greetings for you Ate Ana! And happy new year :D

  8. Hahahahah thank you Clarice!!! Merry Christmas to you toooooo!!!! :))) Mwaaaah!!!


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