Featured Fashionista: Krissy Cruz!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Get to know the girl that even international bloggers follow!

One of the best people I met and kept a great friendship with through my online shop is Kristel Cruz of Krissyfied.Com. As part of this month's Featured Fashionista, I personally chose this 24-year-old darling who will not let being an office girl stop her from expressing her personal style. :)

What made you decide to put up a blog?
I have been blogging since high school and I've had about nine URLs already. This is the longest I've stayed with my current URL, methinks. I started a blog because I wanted a place where I can store my thoughts and memories in. In 2001, we lost our house and all our belongings to a big fire that razed through the neighborhood, turning all my precious diaries to ashes. Thus, the need for something more permanent and reliable than paper.  

What is your blog all about? (fashion? food? lifestyle? travel? :))
It's a mash-up of everything I'm interested about, actually. Shopping is my only vice and more than anything else I love books, movies, and dressing up so you'll see lots of reviews, outfit posts, and shopping hauls. I also love blogging about get-togethers with friends for the sake of posterity. Basically you can track the evolution of my style and my interests through my blog.

Describe your personal style. Any style influences or icons?
I'd like to think that I am already an expert when it comes to wearing things that I know will flatter my body type. I am skinny so I tend to shy away from clothes that will make me look like a clothes-hanger LOL. I am a girly-girl and this is also displayed through my outfit choices. I prefer wearing skirts and dresses because I don't want to get lost in a sea of jeans-and-shirt combos. I also love wearing unique accessories and statement pieces. I don't actually have a specific style influence, but I like the styles of Victoria Beckham, Rachel Bilson, and Blake Lively.

What are the perks of being a blogger/writer?
Being invited to events and getting freebies haha! But seriously though, the best thing blogging has brought me is letting me have the opportunity to meet lots of people. As the world got smaller, my social life got wider. I gained lots of friends from all around the world and even though I haven't met most of them personally, I know they are friends worth keeping. And oh yeah, I met Anagon through blogging! :)

What advice would you give to younger people who wants to start blogging? :)?
This sounds like a cliche, but just stay true to yourself. A blog should be a form of self-
expression and reflect who you really are. I understand that as with any other place, the world wide web has also become home for other people who've nothing better to do than to 
spread malice and bad vibes by leaving nasty comments and messages. If you do get "haters" (and you are bound to get one, really), it would be best to be the bigger person and just ignore them. Just continue being your awesome self and (hopefully) they'll mature eventually.

I still can't imagine how a sweetheart gets her own share of haters. The world has its ways I guess, and Krissy sure knows how to handle these graciously, and in style. ;) tfc


  1. wohoo!! i lab yew, krissy!! haha nag fan girl ba raw??

  2. WAHAHA! :D Like AVA! :)) Hahahah!!! Sayang Krissy wont be going on Friday!!! =S But Melai and Pax confirmed na! :)

  3. Weeeeeh thanks so much Ana! Love you and Anagon forever! Ahaha ♥

    I'm soooo sorry I cannot go with you girls tomorrow, sayang naman :( Sana meron pa ulit soon! Di bale, I'll see you girls on the 29th ha? ♥


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