What is Xanadu?

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Last Sunday, Ana and I took a break from our weekend movie club to support Tamems' new business venture of buying a show and selling its tickets. We watched the play Xanadu in the RCBC Plaza Auditorium at around 8pm, and only paid for the P700 balcony seats. But surprise surprise! On the last minute, Tamems' upgraded our tickets to Orchestra Center--the best seats and worth P1,500! YEY!

At first, we were even planning on getting the cheapest seats for P400 called the "Stage Tickets". Only to realize that you'll actually seat on stage!

Nakakahiya coz you'll actually be FACING the audience! Haha! It would have been a funny experience though, the people there got super on-the-spot participation in the play! Artista lang teh? Hilarious! Plus,  they got to watch and hear Rachel Alejandro's crystal clear voice up close! :D Next time, hehe!

A little about the play: Xanadu is a musical set in the 80s. The Greek muses lead by Clio descended from Mt. Olympus to California to inspire struggling artist Sonny Malone in his greatest creation: a roller disco. In her quest to help the artist, the goddess disguised herself as an Australian roller girl named Kira. As a muse, her only role is to inspire but never to participate in the actual creation, and of course, not to fall in love with a mortal. Her jealous sisters conspired to curse Clio to this forbidden love.

I super had a great time! Major plus is that a former schoolmate Bea Garcia played one of the goddess sisters of Clio! :D I just loved the songs and the antics--and the set! :)

Love the part when the stage backdrop was filled with mirror balls. Pretty! :D

With my bullies Tamems and Ana. :)

Konting close-up lang sa misaligned red belt ko, haha.

Wore a dress, and got teased by Ana's dad "Pa-girl ka ngayon!" Hehe. XP 
Yellow Bows Cardigan (thrifted), Dress (Cotton On), Brogues (Ichigo)

After the play, Ana and I grabbed some coffee in Starbucks before going home. Here, we talked about the "Fatal Flaw"--A term we got from reading the Percy Jackson series (hehe). Fatal Flaw, or how we, as mere human beings, each have this particular imperfection--a negative trait/attitude--that will bound us to our doom. And how as human beings we are also gifted with choice: that we can actually struggle against this flaw to save ourselves. 

Pa-deep ba habang pakape-kape? Hehe.
But seriously, whenever I feel this urge of being selfish or jealous to another person, feelings that are negative at its core, but at the same time, real...I try to fight it. 

And to answer my blog title, from the play, I learned that Xanadu is a celebration of being human: "Loving another person, and creating something new...That's Xanadu!" How lucky I am to be a mortal, imperfect and flawed, but have the ability to create and love at my own will. :)


  1. Haha, had the same experience when I watched it last September/October. My friend got called gay or something onstage. Fun! fun! :)

  2. Seryoso!? :D Wahahah! You watched sa stage seats??? :D coool! :D


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