NYE Cooking Contest of the Crazy Gonzales :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

These are photos from past New Year's Eve celebrations. Since 2005, my family holds what we call the "Cooking Master Boy Showdown"...a little cooking contest between me, my dad, and my ate! :D Cea and Mom are the judges, and they also prepare the prizes. :) Other than for fun and to spice up our NYEs, in a way, this also gives mom the rest she needs from a year-round of cooking for us. 

In the 6 years of this family contest, I have never won the top place. NEVER! I wasn't much of a cook unlike my ate, but I enjoy it. So I still join just for fun! ;)

Photos from this year's cook fest! 

Chopping garlics in advance for my entry. I was worried because mom forgot to buy mozzarella cheese for my Baked Ziti! Improvise nalang!

Every year, to be honest, I am always prepared to lose. I always cook weird foods like mashed potatoes or omelette with a twist. Haha! 

Ate's yearly "career" entry: may mashed potatoes side dish pa! 
(she's super into cooking, she's even subscribed to Yummy Magazine!):

And another contestant, my dad na sobra "ibenta" ang niluto niya hahaha:
Tignan mo nagpapicture pa sa tree hehehe.

Woke up on the LAST DAY of 2010 and realized that there were new restrictions in selling fireworks and fire crackers in a lot of area, including ours. Mom and Dad went out to look for sparklers, trumpilio, and fountain--our simple yearly pailaw, but to no avail. I thought it's going to be a weird New Year's Eve. Then I realized that compared to the scary and mausok na paputok for the past years, I actually enjoyed just watching the beautiful fireworks when the clock struck 12! :) Nakaka-emo! Haha!

After saying goodbye to beautiful 2010, and welcoming 2011 with an open heart...we started with our Media Noche! AKA Contest's Taste Test segment na! Here's the complete entries for the night:

Dad's Pineapple Chicken:

Ate's Chicken Dish with Mashed Potatoes and Gravy.
...With Root Beer pa! :D

And of course, my Baked Ziti!:

What a sumptuous meal! Everyone did a great job! And, to my surprise, I actually won!!! First time!

The contestants, in order: third placer Daddykins, second placer Ate, and the new CHAMP! :)

Benta lang si daddy hehehe!

The very objective and maselan judges! :D Mom and Cea: THANK YOU! Haha!

What I won, thanks to our bunsoy Cea for sponsoring the prizes!

And of course, I also gave everyone a surprise: Ipanema and Rider slippers, and Bench Fix GCs!
Super thank you to Loreal Paris Philippines, I won around P4k worth of GCs of said brands, plus around P5k worth of Maybelline and Loreal make ups which they promised to give to me soon! I decided to start the year right by sharing my prizes to the family! :) 

Thank you Loreal for making the Crazy Gonzales happy! :D Heeh!

So tell me your 2011 wishes. :) For me, I pray that my business will take a step one notch higher to where it is now. A store? An expansion? A big collaboration? 

I pray for more travels around the world, to explore, to learn, to live. With my Barx, with my Bullies, with my family.

...And I still pray for what's next... :)

Basta ngayon, benta parin sakin tong pic ni Daddykins, hahaha! :D

Yey sa wakas nanalo rin, hahaha!


  1. ur baked ziti looks delish!!! and oooh imma pray for you ;)

    Happy New year, Ana!

  2. I wish you all the best this 2011, ana! With the business and everything you aspire! congrats on winning the cooking! woots! not only a fashionista, but a chef as well! nax!;) Cute ni daddy mo haha!

  3. Thank you sooo much Raleene! :) Hoping for the best for you too, yey GRADUATING yo! :))

    Ava thank you so much! Hahahaha! Yan ang Fashionista--Di takot ipakita ang pambahay hahaha :D Benta! Congrats too for winning kookie's big giveaway!!! :D


    Wish you all the best Ana.. You deserve it! :)

    And congrats for winning!!! Hehe :D

  5. Hahahaha thank you so much Honeyyyy! :)) Sana sana soon maka invite naman ng bloggers sa aking Sweet Home Alabang, hehehe! :D <3

  6. ang cute niyo! talagang may pacontest pa at picture afterwards ng winner. hahaha! ang game ng parents niyo, nakakatuwa!

  7. Good luck this year Ana! I'm sure you'll do better than last year! I'm just always here for you, as a blogger friend & buyer! Hihi :-) And super nagutom ako with all the photos!!!

  8. Smarla! :D Hihihi thank you so much! :D Benta noh, para lang may activity and excitement din ang new year's eve namin kahit asa house lang, hehehe! :)

  9. Awwww thank you so much Ef! :) I really appreciate your support for Anagon, it's nice to see my stuff in your cool blog! :) <3

  10. Wow sis congrats for winning..
    I like that cute idea of cooking battles at home..
    Maybe next Christmas I'll host that in my house dn hehe..:)

    I wish that your wish will come true :)

    Happy New Year!

  11. nakakatuwa naman kayo! u all cook astig!! and the baked ziti PENGE!! =P

    and OMG! i never realized u and KAKA were sisters! batchmate ko sha originally pero dahil accelerated sha she went ahead and ikaw na naging batchmate ko hahaha

    Happy New Year Ana! :D

  12. Thank you Joel! :) NANALO DIN AKO! :D Hahahah!Im sure you saw my entries noon sa Multiply na forever talo hehehe..Happy New Year to you too!!!!

    Hahahah! :D Thank you mai!! Benta noh wala naman makakaisip sisters kami coz we both have different identities pati di magkamukha yehey! :D hahaha! :D Happy New Year din to youuuu!!!! :)))

  13. Hahahaha thank you thank you Claud!!! :) <3


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