1.1.11 @ Sofitel with the Bullies

Monday, January 03, 2011

1.1.11 was my lucky day. 

At the last minute, Marj texted me if I can accompany her in their room in Sofitel which her mom availed from December 31-January 2. She said that all her family members have other plans on January 1, leaving my ka-Barx with the room all to herself. She asked her mom if she can invite a few friends around, and of course Tita Rorot agreed! WEE!!! :D

First day of the New Year! With Ana at Sofitel's lobby, waiting for Marj.

When we got inside our room, wow, ayoko na umalis!

I love the view!!!

The pool, sooo breathtaking, I wish I brought my swimsuit with me! Haha! So what kung mangatog ako sa lamig, hahaha!

Play ground area! Ang cute!

Lazy Hammocks! :D

And of course, the seaside! :) Na-eemo naman si Ana hehehe.

Took my outfit photos while in our beautiful veranda! :)

Studded Denim Vest (my DIY), T-Shirt (Greater Good), Skirt (Archive Clothing), Belt (Gift from Tamems), Coral Sandals (Ichigo, Prize from Melai's blog giveaway!), Accessories (ANAGON)

I decided to showcase the Greater Good tee I got from the brand's launching last December. Matched it with the cute maxi skirt I got from my sistah Pax's shop, polka dots kasi para dumami ang pera, hehe. 

Afterwards, we decided to catch the sunset, tambay, and stroll around the hotel's grounds.

Nakakasilaw lang ang araw, hehe.

Super loved that stay outdoors. Chill kung chill. Waited for the sunset, watched the happy people enjoying their time with their love ones, second-hand-smoked and shared a can of beer while harutan as always with my friends.

With my sistah forevah, Ana San! :D Haha!

Ichigo and View, hehe!


When nighttime fell, we decided to go back to our room already--but before that, we passed by and toured the famous Spiral buffet of Sofitel. Nakakalaway lang. 

I was afraid to bring out my camera in the open, baka bawal. Sorry sa blurry pic of this mountain of seafoods! :D
Marj said they ate there for their New Year's Eve dinner, and when their mom asked for the bill, the buffet turned out to be P7000. TOTAL? Not even. It's P7000 PER HEAD. *faints*

In the hallway going to our room, I wanted sana to take a photo in the sosy area. Fail! Haha.

Since we can't afford Spiral, and the foods we saw just made us super hungry, we decided to call for room service! :)

Nothing will beat good food in such a comfy and laid back place--plus you can eat in your kama! Hehe!

I also brought my humble winning entry from last night's cooking contest, haha. So happy that the girls finished of the whole tupperware! Katouch kaya, hehe.

A few slices of pizza and TV surfing later, Tamems finally arrived! Ana and I went down to meet her in the lobby heehee.

Can't find Tamems yet, so picture muna sa lobby, hehe typical.

As requested, Tamems brought with her her copy of Paranormal 2, woot! Ready for screamfest night, haha!

Unfortunately though, nakatulog lang si Marj, haha! It was a cool film though if you try to connect it with the scarier Paranormal 1! :D

Takutan view of the pool at nighttime: "Hala ayan yung sa Paranormal!" Hehehe!

Spent the rest of the night chikahan in the veranda. :)

Si Ana antok na o, hehehe.

The next day...Tamems left early and we only have a few hours left till check-out. So sinulit ko nalang yung room by taking more photos of it, and then extending my sleep in the super-lambot-lang bed. <3

May tulog pa o, hehehe.

Donya mode-- Camera Timer FTW! Haha!

Marj also gave us Trunk Show Nail Set as late Christmas gifts! Better late than never, these babies are sooo cute!! :D

Saw these under the table, I wonder how Marj's family celebrated NYE! :) Interesting, my family never tried this and I pray we can have this experience next year! :)

Last photo inside the room, with the leftover drinks, hehe.

I wonder if, like me, someone reading this also believes that whatever you do at the start of the year, you'll be doing this for the rest of the year. So...will 2011 actually be a hotel year for me? A year filled with sunsets or Paranormal Activities? (wag naman sana! haha!) A sosyal year? 

I don't know, but I'd like to think it will be such a great year spent harutan and kulitan with the Bullies! My friends are the best! <3

Ito ang sisiguraduhin ko, SPIRAL, I'LL BE BACK! Hahaha!


  1. Bawal ba mag take ng pic sa Spiral? I took pic after pic of their buffet spread last week. Hehe.

  2. Sarap naman mag picture picture jan!!!! Glad you had fun.. Malay mo, magiging suki ka daw ng sofitel this year? Hehe..

  3. aawwww ang cool nio naman magkakasama kayo for New Year's! *nainggit daw* hahahaha! =P

  4. Ooh, Sofitel! I've always wanted to try that out. I also love that photo you have of your veranda...the one where the water sparkled in the sun...

  5. Yumyum: Hahaha! Wala naman sinabi! :) I was just nahihiya coz I wouldnt be eating / ordering there anyway :) Happy New Year to you :))

    Alexa: Super! :D And bonus na na i dont have to spend for anything, hahahah! :D

    Honey hahaha gusto ko nyan! :D O baka naman whole year ako nalilibre, ok din yun! :D Hehehehehe!

  6. Mai! :D Super swerteeee lang! Di ko akalain nga papayagan ako e, lamo naman parang hindi pako mag 25 hahaha! :D :D

    Skysenshi: Hihihi super gandaaaa noh, parang hindi totoo! :) I love to go back to bora or any nice beach when i saw that! :)))

  7. i don't think it's bawal to take pictures at spiral. the food is not awesone pero super dami so super crazy! i love spiral buffet! my sisters and i have an eating strategy, we eat very little during the day and then attack the buffet for dinner --- para sulit! hahahahhaha!

  8. YES! Yun din naisip kong strategy pag ready na bulsa ko for spiral or any buffet, weee! :D Nahiya lang ako mag pic hehehe... So cautious lang, baka may sumita hihi :D

  9. Ang saya! Last-minute hotel trip. Wow! Baka sosyal ang 2011 mo, Ana! :D YAY! Natawa naman ako dun sa a year full of Paranormal Activities. Yikes! :)) It's so fun to read your post... naffeel ko yung excitement and saya ninyo.

  10. Wahahaha super kahit hindi ako payagan talagang pipilitin ko si mom sa chance nato,freee! hehehe! Thank you Megann! :) I really hope I am not boring people out with my looong entries :) Mwah!

  11. The pool area is really nice! but the food is just too much! thanks for sharing!

  12. Super nice noh! :) Ang yes Aie, too much siya hindi masusulit kahit ng gutom na tao! :D

  13. Wow! Indeed a lucky day ana! :D I wish i'd be stuck or left alone in a Sofitel room too. Grabe nice ng place :D

  14. Happy new year, love.
    That scenery is pure splendor!!!
    Have a lovely day.


  15. Happy New Year, Anagon!

    I want to try the buffet, too! Sofitel is really really really nice! Sana makapag stay din ako dyan this year!

  16. Phoebe: super nice noh?? :D It will be a great venue for birthdays akk! :D Hows the meg search? :) Hoping for the best for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

  17. Thank you Tywo :) But nothing will beat the beautiful photos you take, and the places youve been too :) mwah!

    Ishna thank you so much! :) it's a dream for me as well, sana may round 2 ;)))


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