Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank God It's Weekend!

I always always look forward to weekends. Although ubusang pera, all work and no play will just depress me. Last Friday night, Ana and I went to Greenbelt again "after 10 years", and decided to catch The Tourist. But because all the good seats of the earlier time were already taken, we willingly bought the last full show tickets (11:50pm). Ate dinner in Banana Leaf, had coffee in SBC, and then pinalipas ang oras in the huge froyo place Qoola, located in between GB 1 and 2:

Most of my friends know that I am the biggest Red Mango fan, but Ana and I just wanted to tryout something different. And test nadin kung may tatalo pa ba sa Red Mango. (kala mo owner hehe)

Hinay sa pag lagay -- De-timbang ang bayad dito! :P
I like it that they let us taste each of their available froyo flavors (original, raspberry, mint, dulce de leche). To check if anong mas taste ko, but of course you can place a little of all the flavors in your cup. :)

Hinay din sa toppings, hehe.
(75 petot for every 100 grams)

Cute interiors...

My original froyo with almonds and assorted fruits:

Ana's raspberry froyo with crushed grahams and almonds:
Over-all: Love it! :) Although still Red Mango > Other brands, Qoola is worth the try. Plus, winner ang location/ambiance! :)

As for the movie, I really enjoyed The Tourist! Gotta love the chemistry between my bf Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie! I love their other films before, but I never thought that they'd actually look good together! Also, I thought that The Tourist is ala-SALT, but may comedy scenes din siya. We also watched Gulliver's Travel today (Saturday) and sobrang laugh trip. The best talaga sa akin ang comedy, hehe! :P

When we got out of Greenbelt, I was surprised with the sudden downpour. Ang hassle. We decided to spend a little for our dinner, so instead of staying in wet UCC outdoor area, we dined in CPK which has a comfy indoor/aircon smoking area! (second hand smoker lang ako a, hehehe, defensive-much? Haha).

New vegetarian option in CPK's menu: White Corn Guacamole and Tortilla Chips! Yey!

Cute presentation, parang cup-of-rice lang yung dip, hehe.

My Favorite Pasta: Plain Garlic Cream Fettu! :P
Small serving size, but super sarap niya! :P

Infairview lang talaga, eto din suot ko the last time we dined here, hahaha. Kahiya lang. :P

Other than enjoying this weekend's lamierda, I also picked up my new make ups and hair products in the L'Oreal office:

My new shampoo, blush, eyeliner, concealer, mascara, and lipsticks-galore.
Can't wait to try them out, and blog my reviews!

As promised, I shared these L'Oreal goodies to Ana:
Oks ba sa picture, Ans? HAHAHA!

I am also super lucky to be involved in a styling stint, thanks to the cool stylist Jear and my generous-in-rakets blog kabarkada Pax. I will be providing the rabbit headbands for their shoot for a major newspaper next week. :) 
I already bought the necessary materials awhile ago, like the different felt and tulle available in cloth stores in Glorietta 5. I personally call this the "Project Bugs Bunny", haha! 

And last but not the least, since asa Makati narin, and I always pass by SM going to the bus terminal--I thought of dropping by the much-hyped Forever 21: 
Ang lapit mo na masyado! :D 

Hope you all had a great weekend, guys! 

I am currently daydreaming too much -- planning on so many things for my life. Turning 25 years young next week, so this might be a result of the birthday blues or ...too-early-but-still-possible midlife crisis? :P At least I know this is for the best. As my college classmate tweeted a few days ago:

 Jam Cahilig 

Mapping out life plans,deadlines,& (marketing) strategies.If we put that much effort in 'work,' I believe we should apply it in 'life' too.

I may not be used to "the busy life" already, and this might cause the end of my favorite line "mayaman ako sa oras", still I pray that I may become a better person at the end of all these. As actor Lucky tweeted earlier:

 Luis Manzano 
 by anagon
ayaw, no time to rest, mahaba habang rest naman if patay na e

Got to be more than what I am now--that's the goal in life! :)) Mwah!


  1. Yan din yung shampoo na gamit namin. HAHA. Maganda siya. :)) Oh and I love Johnny Depp! He's not that good looking but he's so charming! I love him especially in the Pirates of the Caribbean. ^^

  2. Yey i am so excited to try yung shampoo :D I think super reliable brand talaga loreal :)) Sana gumanda buhok ko hehe! And trueee grabe in love na ata ako sa kanya, hahahaha! :D <3

  3. Froyo + Tortilla + Pasta + Makeup, lahat yan favorite ko.. Ikaw na, ikaw na talaga Ana! Haha!! Humihingi ka pa ng lipstick eh mukang ako pa nga dapat ang maghingi sayo!! LOL

  4. oooh, froyo!
    grabe, nagutom ata ako sa kababasa nito.
    tsaka ang galing nila angelina at ng bf mo sa the tourist.

  5. I love Qoola's just that I'm very careful about the amount I put in. Wahaha!

  6. natawa nmn ako sa hirit ni Luis M. =)

  7. I'm super excited about F21 opening in Makati! I used to think I'd like to keep brands like H&M and F21 exclusive para hindi naman lahat nakaganun...but when I started styling for someone who has local endorsements, these imported brands are such a boon to have around. Arghhhhh, I can't wait! :D


  8. I also have one lipstick each from those three "color families" sa Maybelline sis! And oooh I was in Glorietta naman kahapon with Jessica and Mich :D

  9. your hairbands are so cute and your blog is really entertaining! Hope you can visit my blog and follow me back! =)

  10. Honey: Hahahah kulit!! :D Nangungulit lang naman ako re make up giveaway mo! ;) Diba mas masaya!!! :))) Hehehe!!! :D Eeepp Sunday na nga pala, and mag 1 na nga pala omg!!!

    Liezyl: Eeep kinilig naman ako dun :D Hahaha!!! :D In my dreams! ;P

  11. Skysenshi: True, super INGAT ko takot ako mga P200 for froyo lang haha :P

    Aie: HEHEHEH benta noh, pero yun words pang yun ang inspiring sakin hahaha :D

  12. Alex: Shucks oo nga noh the convenience nga naman if marami nang F21! :)) Ako din e, but super dali AND saya (but ubusang pera! haha!) siguro kung may H&M na dito, eeeep! :D

    Krissy : OMG! Tell which shades you chose! :D Nahirapan ako!!! :D

    Fashion Eggplant: Cute name! :)) Will follow you then..Thanks :))

  13. Thank you for the info na may FOREVER21 na sa Makati, I can't wait for the opening..

  14. yay f21 in makati! which floor in sm is it located? :)

  15. Froyo is my ultimate guilty pleasure for 2010! I haven't tried Qoola tho. If you're for Red Mango, i'm for Tutti Frutti naman! Haha! I love them all froyos. Red Mango, White Hat, Yoh-Gurt Froz, Golden Spoon, yung sa Teriyaki Boy's. lol.

    Pareho tayo ng shampoo at the moment! And wow. Make up! I waaaant!!!

  16. Ms. Ana, I awarded you something on my blog! :) Check it out!

    xx, Channie

  17. Glenn: I am so excited too! :D Hope they'll release new SHOESSS! :D Akk!

    Claire: It's in their ground floor, yung dating mga clothes din tapat ng beauty section :))

  18. Ishna: Kaadik lang froyo coz you know it's healthy pa! :D So are you into fruity or chocolaty toppings? :))

    Channie: Wow thank you so much! :) Checking it out! :)

  19. Miss youuu guys!!! Ana!! Waaah miss ko na kayo :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  20. I missed you too melai!!! Kamusta ka na!??? Anong nanyari sa phone???? =S

  21. Ooh, I'm excited for the new branch of F21! Sana magkaron na rin sa MOA, para mas malapit pa talaga for us south girls. ;)

    Try Maybelline's R22 and P11 from their Watershine lipstick line.

  22. oooh omg i love maybelline talaga! :)) Thanks for the recommendation meryl! :)) Better if ATC OR Festi! :D Hahaha! :)) Super mas near samin, although ubusang pera! :D Hahaha!


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