St. Scho Bazaar Day 2! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Just thought of finishing the week with an entry on my last bazaar day in SSC. (1st day, foodtrip
Since it's Friday already, it means Makati / Tambay / Movie Club / no-going-home again for me! :) HAHA!

So anyway, last Wednesday was my second aka last day of selling stint in St. Scho, and the high school girls weren't there as we were told because they have a "one-day review-day" for their "Perio" starting Thursday. (daya wala kami niyan noon, hehehe) The college students/organizers of the bazaars were even kind enough to refund a hundred from our rent for the day, so all is well. Thank you Mishen and friends! :)

Since it's the last day, I decided to take photos of our little set-up in the High School Building grounds--

Heard Mishen asking her org mates to make a "Bazaar" sign on the first day so people will know about their small event:
Love that they made it 'd old school way, and not just have it "printed". :)

Fellow Bazaaristas #1: Disenyo Atbp

Fellow Bazaaristas #2: Great Pieces

Fellow Bazaaristas #3: Artwine (aka my "neighbor" for this bazaar! :))

I have to admire Beam, Artwine's designer, for her creations. Every piece of pouch, pin, laptop case, and headband is embellished with felt! :) They're so unique--and made with love!

Beam is also a multi-tasker. Every time our buyers have classes (aka dead-time for sales)...I see her take out her mac so she can take care of her other tasks. She's a multimedia artist, and even a part-time teacher in CSB!:D

I was thinking of getting a cute bee headband... :D (P120)

But then I ended up with this too-cute-for-words skull cellphone case! :D (P150)

Neat huh? Gotta love the lining too! :D
Visit their super cool website, which Beam also made herself! I really look up to this nice girl! :) ShopArtWine.Com! :)

And of course, to complete the 4-stall mini bazaar team: Bazaaristas #4: Anagon Collection! :)

anagon stall photos from ava.

What I love about this bazaar is that I already know when the "mob" will arrive. First is in the morning before their classes, then during their recess, then at lunch time (after Angelus!), and lastly, their uwian! :)

Ayan na uwian na nila! :D
Cute kids with their back packs, folders, and lunch boxes!

Kid: Ate mayroon ba kayo ditong 5 pesos?
Me: Naku wala e... *tears*

Check out the name tags yo!
I'm sure these are 6th graders, preparing for their Midsum play--which lasts I think for the whole quarter! I remembered for this we were required to have a role in the play plus a committee. I just had an "extra" role with few lines (Snug the Joiner) and my committee was "lights"--so I got to handle the spotlight! ;p

Porma palang alam kong mag Midsum na! Imagine before maxi wasn't that cool, and there weren't cute tiered skirt! Buti nalang wala pang nag babazaar noon na may camera para picture-an ako! Hahaha!

Ay I love the cute hair of these kids! :) Bulilit!

Picking out charms for their customized key chain/charm bracelet--undeniably my best-sellers!

Here's how the mob looks like! =D

Kain sabay sukat ng rings, noooo! Hahahaha! :D

Grade school student council was called "Munting Barangay". Naks may vest vest pa sila ngayon a! ;D

Parang teacher lang ako noh? :D Hahaha!
Kids! Behave! Hahaha!

Dead-Time Drama. What kept me entertained:

Watching this class during their PE!
Kanya kanya pang jug aka "coleman" yan a! Haha!

Yes balance!!! May sumisigaw pa talaga a, Haha!

OMG egg roll FTW! :D

In the middle of the "dead-time", I checked my phone for the time only to realize 1 o'clock palang!!! Napasigaw tuloy ako "ANG TAGAL NG ORAS!"

The ever so cheerful Beam then brightened up and reached for this in her bag:
Sabay sabi: "Ay may alam akong pampalipas ng oras!" :) And when I saw that she meant solving puzzles and using my tamaderang brain cells, I was like "Uhh..WOW!" Hahaha! :D

Kanwari pako, but during the middle of solving Mythological Goddesses with Ava, ang competitive ko na! Told Ava: We have to finish this page so we can have another food trip! Haha! :D
There were times na super naignore na namin yun mga tumitingin sa stall coz we were so busy looking up for "Freya" or "Chloe" or "Nike" hahaha! :D At least we didn't act like the nosy sunod-everywhere sales ladies that I am not really fond when shopping :P

With one of my dearest blog barkada, Ava. :) Thank you for being there with me. I tell you guys, she accompanies me in bazaars without any payment or whatever--she doesn't even expect that I'll let her bring her own merchandise to sell in my stall. I know when a person is unconditional. And I saw that in this girl. :) <3

And of course, before leaving St. Scho, I asked Ava if she can take my picture with our small, nakakalbo na, but still memorable field as background: *le sigh*

Still keeping the flames burning. 
Thank you St. Scho. 
I'll miss you again.



  1. Aww so many memories :)

    Ang kyoooot ng mga backpacks, puro PINK!! :D

  2. Soooo cute! Hehehe :) Congrats to both of you! ^^

  3. omg eggroll! we used to do that too! at kamusta naman, ginawa kaming basahan at mop!.. kasi nalinis na namin buong gym kaka-eggroll! and awww HS will always be memorable :) nakakaaliw tignan hs pics mo :)


  4. Krissy: ang cute noh super Krissyfied ang mga kids hihihi siguro bffs sila, sooo terno! :)) hehe :))'

    Irene: ancucute pa nila lalo in person, and heartbreaking when they finish off their baons to get something from my stall <3 cute :P

  5. Alexa: Too cute for words hihihi thanks so much!! :)

    Hezel: HAHAHAH benta basahan nga!!!! Yun din naisip ko now e, i wonder how my mom tolerated with my dirrrrty pe shirt hahahahah :D Yes hs will always be special *sigh senti* hihihi :)))

  6. OMG ayoko ipost yung isko pics ko--too panget!!!! hahahaha! pero napost ko na ata sa dating dati ko pang post. hihi. kakamiss naman. and those kids are the cuuuutest:) next time, samahan ka namin ni mich, ako pampalipas oras mo! hahaha

  7. Hi! I just gave you The Versatile Blogger Award. :)

    Stilettos and Love,

  8. You sell so many cute stuff! I like your outfit too. ^^

    Oh and will you answer my poll? Thank you very much! :)

  9. Oh my god! This brings back so much grade school memories for me! hehehe. I remember doing those things in PE back in Grade 4;lalo na yung egg roll. XD

  10. Ana, I love this post! There's just so much of your heart into it!

    -Lol at the kids! "wala bang tag 5 pesos?" heart crusher, noh?
    -going back to your school just takes you back to memory lane (how cute your HS pics!)
    - Lol again at "buti nalang walang nagbabazar na may camera" during your time. oo nga. LOL...

    and Ava's such a sweetheart! toast to a great friendship.

    btw, you looked real pretty in that number! my kind of style :D

  11. Pax: Ay masaya yun!! :) I always enjoy your company, and mich's! :)) Next time!! :)) Sana more bazaars to come pa ;) Ay oo nga di ko pa nakikita pics mo nun highschool a! hahahah!!! :D

    Alexa wow thank you!!! :D Award ka talaga!! :)) Heheheh! :))

    Francesca: Answering!! :))) Thank youuu!

  12. Red: hihihi! :D Where did you study gradeschool/highschool?? :)) Ako din super pinagdaanan ko din yang eggroll, e chubby chubby ako nun --ang hiraaaap hahahah :D

  13. herroyalbleakness: thank you so much!! :)) Super had fun with the bazaar stints during the holidays, but nothing beats being back "home" :))

  14. Cute cute naman! Congrats on another bazaar. :) Aww I haven't gone back to my HS since the year I graduated (2008). Grabe I'd love to though... dami lagi nagbabago eh.

  15. Thank you megann! :) Awww matagal din before ako nakarating uli ng HS ko! :D Hindi narin kasi madali makapasok sa stscho ng walang agenda, plus busy busy nun college like you! :))

  16. I studied in SSC Manila. I was about to be in the 5th grade in 2008 when I left. XDD.

  17. Oh cool!!! :D And geeez that must be tough red, transferring in another school :P


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