Warm and Neutrals.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

There are days when you just want to look simple and neat, but not plain. Right now, my connotation of "simple and neat" isn't white, but nudes and tans (also my current palette obsession). Like my perfect nude flats (Australian), nude nail color (Caronia's Joy), and my tan-n-brown bucket bag (gift from my sister)--all worn for today's family malling/Feast/mass.

I also tried some of my new make ups courtesy of the ever-generous L'Oreal Paris Philippines. After applying L'Oreal Base Magique, I used my True Match Blush in Golden Apricot:

(Php 995)

Cute packaging. <3

Again, I am no pro in applying make up, but I simply followed the basic step taught to me: smile when applying my blush! ;)

Since L'Oreal made me choose what make ups I wanted, I made sure to get one shade in each "color category" of the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks. For the CORALS, I picked a tube of the Coral Pink, which I happily slather on my lips today :
(Php 299)

I love that it looks neutral and not flashy/papansin. Perfect for someone who is still conservative with her makeup:
No Flash and With Flash Pictures: My two ways to check if the makeup looks good on me, hehe.

Tell me: What's YOUR current color / palette obsession??? :)

God. What a gloomy day, must be the weather. I realized that the B-Day is fast approaching. So it's either the weather or the birthday blues. Gotta cheer myself up. I hate my emo self :P


  1. Yay I also have Bonbon Pink! :D Then sa corals, yun Angel Rose, tapos sa Reds yun Blushing Berry :)

    Ako naman, iniinternalize ko talaga yun theme ng Party namin, so black, pero ALWAYS with a pop of color. :)

    Sis let's shoo those birthday blues away! Dapat birthday PINKS! Or birthday YELLOWS! :)

  2. Oo nga e i need to shoo the bday blues, dapat nga YELLOW hehehe :P Kajirita lang sarili ko coz even though alam kong "all in the mind" nakakabagot lang talaga minsan, hehe ;P

    Grabe love ALL the lipshades, kung pwede lang makakuha ng LAHAT! :)) Haha!!

  3. I don't know when EXACTLY the big day is, but, happy birthday!

    I've long been into nudes. i kinda feel fixated to it since i havent ventured very much with colors when i look at my wardrobe. i feel like cooking up some new pieces for the closet now that i m realizing this...

  4. I'm usually all for colorful stuff, but I agree that nudes and tans are just so addictive! It's just so lovely and very calming to look at.

    I love your flats!

  5. Oh my I love your make-up, Ana! Okay pagka-apply mo ah. :) I'm into nudes right now. I want your coral pink lipstick! :)

  6. Herroyalbleakness: Thank you so much! :)) Sorry for being so melodramatic though, iba talaga pag lumolola na haha :))Oh yes gotta love nudes :) I am actually more of a brown-gold girl than silver-black :))

    Ishna thank you so much! =) True, it has a calming/ polished feel noh? :)

    Margarita: Thank you for that! :) It's so affordable, P299 lang :)) For a great lipstick, ok na ok na yun price niya :))

  7. Fail naman. Yung isang account ko nagamit ko. :)) I'm Margarita. =)) :| Anyway haha talaga? 299 lang? OMG okay.. pag naubos na yung lipstick ko yan na. Haha I have something in a close shade. :)

  8. i don't have my own shade of pink yet.. ang hirap naman.. :(

    by the way, that bucket bag is the same as the one i gifted my SIL, only in red. Katrina Perez ba ang brand? hehe :) I want one for myself but the bazaar was already closed when I thought of going back. sayang! cute pa naman! Would u be kind enough to ask your sister where she got it? thank you! :)

  9. Megann AKA Margarita: Hahhaha!!! :D I seriously thought new reader, hahaha! :D Omg! :D Yey grabe di ko akalain matutuwa ako sa lipstick hehehe :D

  10. Irene: YES!!! :D Cool naman, yan yun Katrina Perez bag, bought during her work for Oishi sa World Trade Bazaar! :D Hihi! :D

  11. Hello!Awarded you the Stylish blogger award!:)


  12. WOW! :)) Thank you so much Nicole!! :)) Checking! :D <3

  13. I love the neutrals, ana!:) Bagay siya sayo!:) the bag i covet! bucket bag!!

    loreal has great stuff ha! If only magaling ako mag make up!

  14. wow ang generous nga ng Loreal! :) mas gusto ko hair products nila kaysa sa makeup products e.. but i'll give them a try soon :) the lipstick suits you! btw i like your current palette obsession... ang elegant tignan :)

    <3 hazel

  15. Yes, at a bazaar in World Trade November 2010! :)

  16. nudes and tans are also my color of the moment.
    im not really a fan of make-up but you made me interested in that lippy.
    and oh, january din bday mo?
    parehas pala tayo, APIR!

  17. Ava: Thank you! Oo nga ikaw rin si miss bucket bag! :) Hihi! :))) I dont know how to apply makeup too! :)) Pero sarap mag imbento hahaha :D

    Hazel: Ilove their hair products too! :) Have you tried their hair color if they're ok din? :)) Just curious! :)) Thanks! :))

  18. Irene: Yes!! :D That's why diko din alam where sila nagsesell pa =S Sayang! :P Heeh, but ang galing a! :D Hehe! :D

    LiezyL: YES! January Girls pala tayo both kaya parehas tayo na na grass sa headshot o, hahahah! :D Capricorn ka narin ba? ;D Hehehe joke lang, paulit ulit yang horoscope thingie sa other social net sites ko hahaah :D kasawa! :D

  19. bet ko ung flats! love the nude nails too! =)

  20. That bucket bag is pure class, Ana :)

    Bea from A plus B

  21. neutrals are a classic! me naman, i'm always going for blue & white together. want to edge out of it now, actually, but i'm so drawn to this clean & fresh color combination!

    boat ride through the sky

  22. I love the colors! Girly and classy~ Recently I've been liking a lot of blues, the bright ones that pop like electric and royal blue. ^^

  23. The lipstick looks good on you! Because of your post, I'm going to buy Coral Pink this weekend. Haha! :)

  24. Aie: Thank you! :) Love the term "bet" hehehe :))

    Bea! :) Thanks! :) Really love your style, and arianne's :)

    Yumyum: Gotta love red lipstick during events! :)) Truly makes you stand out! :))

  25. Gela: Oh my I love blue and white too, I am actually eyeing on Regatta's pieces..Very neat and nautical :))

    Francesca: Lovely! :)) Minsan din I am geared towards electric or superman blue :)))

    Caryl thank you so much! :D Hahaha shopaholic tendecies! :)))

  26. ah i wish i can say something aout this but i dont really wear make-up so wala ako ma say. hahahaha. love the colour on you ana!!! :)

  27. Thanks Lloyda! :)) Hihi! I think kahit hindi ka mag make up, ganda parin! :) Big eyed! <3

  28. I only use make up in occasions and I usually go to a parlor for make over... I really dont mind what color, the make up artist just base it on my dress


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