Abbie X Anagon: a.k.a Abbie's MTO Phone Bag :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Got this cute sketch through an email from Abbie A. weeks ago:

She requested me to make her a kick-ass small bag for her new kick-ass phone. 

So I recently got hold of some of the materials I will be using for the fringe leather phone bag (coolness noh?), although I encountered problems with them not being the specific ones mentioned in Abbie's sketch, so I'll try to improvise...

Like these baby skull studs, which are only available in silver:
...So I planned to paint them gold nalang with my gold nail polish. 
Three coats of gold and one swipe of clear polish will make them purr-fect already. :)

As for the PVC, I don't know where to get them by yard since I haven't been to a cloth store except in Glorietta 5. I thought of just using my pair of PVC leggings from Landmark--since they don't perfectly fit me anyway (next time, I'll invest on a good pair!) -
I used the black felt cloth I use for my mustache necklaces as lining for the whole bag--to give it structure, and to make sure the phone doesn't get scratches.

No gold spiky studs yet, so I bought a yard of these gold studs:

Hope I can acquire the spiky ones before the part that I stick these to the bag! :P Help!?? :P

So far:

Can't wait to finish this... I just love DIY! 
Thank you Abbie for trusting me with this little project, till our next collab! :)



  1. eeeep! i remember when you made kwento about this sa red ribbon. Excited ako!

  2. This is going to look so cool when it's finished! Good luck on finding the other materials sis! =)

  3. uy, may collaboration na ang Anagon :) may preview pa. goodluck! AJA!

  4. can't wait to see the outcome! :) kick-ass case nga! :) edgy!

  5. parang i want this too! so cute! try kamuning market for pvc, they used to have =)

    join my Stila giveaway!!!

  6. Hahahah omg Ava parang ang tagal na nun noh, ang tagal kong pinending to hehehe :D

    Krissy! Thank you so much!!! Im actually looking for a studded belt manlang na same studs as Abbie's drawing! :))

    Thank you Argie! Sana ok! :)

    Irene: cool design noh??

    Thank you Sarah!! I have to check out kamuning nga :)) and yey i joined your giveaway na!!!

  7. Excited for this! Where can I buy studs po? I've been looking for some.

  8. Arizia and Channie! :) Try niyo sa Carolinas, if not, pigtas pigtas lang from belts hehehe :))


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