Featured Fashionista: Sarah Tirona

I love Ms. Eggplant's style! 

She's such a hippie-chic, I want to dress-up like her! :D 

Gotta love her blog tag line too!:

And now Sarah is holding a blog giveaway! :))

Win these awesome Stila makeups!!!:

Check out THIS PAGE to join! :))



  1. i love her style too and how she works her brandy boots!:)

  2. True! :) <3 Im a Ms. eggplant fan! :D Hah!

  3. I love her style, too! She's very pretty and she has a great sense of style talaga!

  4. Hi Ana! Oo comfy sha. Magaan pa! sa Parisian Jr sha.. pasok na pasok sa boodjei teh!

  5. Ishna and Aie: Super love her :))
    Aie benta yun boodjei lovet teh!

  6. awww, i just saw this! i don't know why. but SUPER THANK YOU TALAGA to everyone! :)

  7. Youre welcome sarah! :) It's my pleasure to feature you in my blog! :)


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