A is for A-Line Dress

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I thought of doing a themed series of blog entries again, ala the 30 Days of Photographic Memories I did last year. This time, I'll base it on this book I got from my sisters during my birthday:

...And call it, the Style A-Z.

The plan or project is basically to wear one item listed in every letter (pag tinapos ko yung 100 pieces baka maloka ako haha). I'll style the chosen item based on occasion or on my own personality. As said in the author's note: "..self-editing is key".

"...I have adapted and edited each item on this list to suit my style, my body, my personality." 

So that's 36 days of style for me!

For letter A, I chose the first item from the list: The A-Line Dress.

Worn last February 14, the first day of my bazaar gig in La Salle. I decided to wear my white eyelet dress from SM to look presentable and stylish while selling fashion accessories--but still feel comfortable since this dress is roomy. I think a white A-line is also very hippie-ish, which is my kind of style. :) 

To quote from the book:

- A true a-line is narrower on the top and flares out gently toward the bottom, resembling the letter A, thus the name. 

- It is a no-fuss dress and perhaps that is why it was the must-have dress of the 60s, when fun and free-spiritedness was favored over formality and structure of the prior decade.

- With a good A-line, the fabric flows over perceived flaws or imperfections.

- No matter the day, the season, or the year, the A-line dress will always make you look and feel fashionable, fabulous..."

Coincidentally, it was also Valentine's Day, so it's nice to be all lady-like and pa-pretty ba. Decided to wear my winged heart necklace, to celebrate narin siguro the day of hearts:

The Other As:
- Animal Print
- Ankle Bootie


  1. I think I'll like this series Ana! You look real nice in that eyelet dress. blooming ka nga sa booth mo sa DLSU bazaar :D i think white A-line dresses suit you (sipsip!).

    36 days is yay. pamatay naman kasi yung 100. :)

  2. wow!this is goin to be fun! <3 looking forward to your future posts!

  3. Hahahah thank you Argie, benta!!! :)) Kaya hindi ko din maibenta si a-line dress i really love it and it hides my flabs damn-so-well ahhaha :D

    thrifty fashionista thankyou so much! really hope mapanindigan ko to hihi! <3

  4. this excites me, Ana! :) can't wait for the next ones! :)

  5. A is for Anagon ♥

    Looking forward to the rest of the letters sis! Ang nice ng eyelet dress mo, very pretty :) I have one din na white, tube dress naman :)

  6. ang ganda ana! nakakatuwa, aabangan ko yung 36 days!

    gusto ko din nung book, daming quotes :D

  7. I love dresses! Gusto ko din ng ganyang theme for blog. Most of the time kase nawawalan na akong ng idea on what to blog. :)

  8. Thank you Irene, Tatie, and Ishna! :)

    Tatie: It's a great book! :) You should get it!! :)) Sulit!!!

    Krissy yey for eyelet dresses, sobrang summery <3

    Ishna: You can also follow this 36 days of style! :) I placed all the As below the entry! :)

  9. type ko din toh nung i saw it sa bazaar ng DLSU :) cute!

  10. Hahahah thank you Ava beb! :))) Uy sabay pa tayong umaupload ngayon sa bloggers' closet blog a hahaha :))) <3

  11. I love it! 35 to go! =) This is fun!

  12. Hahahah IKR! :D Sobrang dami nun, but I think good exercise narin for someone like me who'd rather go sloppy from lack of ideas hehehe :))

  13. Wee, you look cute in that dress. And the trinket is equally as cute, too!

  14. Thank you so much skysenshi!!!! :))

  15. Wow, ang saya naman ng project na 'to! Would like to do this tuloy for my blog. Hahaha. Chos lang!XD Abangan ko hanggang Z! :)

  16. Hahahha kaloka ka claud! :D But thank youuu! Antabayanan, alright! Hahahah!!! :)))


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