Animo Bazaar Day3-4!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A.K.A. Sorry Naman Sa Porma at Messy Hair; Wala Pa Akong Tulog.

I now srsly look up to people who stays fashionable-under-pressure. I mean, kahit stressed out na sa work (or school!) they still have the effort and energy to dress up. I realized that I am not like that. Pag stressed, haggard hanggang buhok at damit, haha! Gained weight after 4 days in the DLSU Animo Bazaar. Four days lang yun, hala! All I did was sit down, make more accessories to display in my stall, eat, organize my stall, and eat. No wonder, hehe!

Anyway, here are the happenings on my 3rd and 4th bazaarista stint in La Salle:

While waiting for buyers...
I made FIFTY of this bracelet for an exdeal a college friend requested to me few days back (to think duration na ng bazaar). 

I made them while nagchichikahan with Ava and Honey! :)
I wanted to say no to this project since I am not into TV advertising (+ time constraints + expenses to make a semi precious bracelet), but I guess I can't say no because she's a friend plus baka wala na sila makuha. I asked mom to deliver them for me in ABS-CBN awhile ago. It's for their new show's presscon giveaway.

Yes, my girls visited me inside DLSU! I placed their names in my "staff" sa entry permit in case they wanted to drop by...and they did!!! :)))
I really appreciate your fun company, Ava and Honey! Ang talkative lang natin noh, hahaha!!!! :D

Honey prepared these flyers to be given away in DLSU:
Punta kayo a! :)

Aside from that, all we did was kumain ng kumain!!! :D Haha!

Ganito ako mag bantay ng stall, which Honey was able to capture through this photo hehe:
Isnabera effect. Kasi, kahit ako, ayoko ng "sunod ng sunod na saleslady". 
Hinahayaan ko lang sila tumingin and fit ng accessories. :)

The best-seller for Day 4:
Word Connector Rings! (Sorry sa fugly nails) A new buyer-friend Cara ordered one from me, and I enjoyed making the peace ring...Kaya I made more!

Megann's neat idea!
ROCK STAR! When I placed the pair in my ring-box, nabili kagad, haha!

She also stayed in my stall, which kept me entertained! :) Thank you so much for the company, Megann! :))

I also met fellow blogger Pau, who studies in DLSU! :)
Finally have a pic with her! :) Oh my, through this pic narealize ko ang sabog ko..Parang asa bahay lang. :P

My sister Cea's Oishi team was also there awhile ago. Just for 2 hours though, to giveaway sample Oishi products!

Bread Pan and Ridges (my favorite)

Smart C, another favorite! :)

Go Ma'am Cea! :D Hahaha! (in pink)
Namiss daw niya DLSU! She graduated from this university last year, majoring in advertising.

Those were tiring four days, but I'll definitely miss my selling stint in this campus. <3 Last day tomorrow! Pray for me! Thank you DLSU! =)


  1. Hi! I'm that girl checking out some rings in the stall photo above (brown bag). I really wanted to say hi to the three of you and tell you how much i love your blogs but i got really shy so i just left after i made a purchase. Haha! Maybe i'll say hi next time! :)

  2. the bracelets and rings are so cool!

  3. Hello, how much ung connector ring? I want to order. :)

  4. I thought I missed the chance to see you and your awesome accessories again! Buti nalang maaaga kami dinismiss, ayun naabutan pa kita xD Pfft di kaya sabog! Kung ikaw sabog, lalo na ako noh, as in explosive! xD Anyway, nice seeing you again and hope to see you around again soon :)

  5. Ang saya, nabenta agad yung rock star! :> haha thank you sa pagpapa-tambay sa akin sa booth mo (and my cousin too haha). Good luck on your last day!!! :)

  6. no wonder you gained weight! :D hehe gusto ko ng ice monster, now na! :D the connector rings are cool!!! :D gawa ka din ng bow connector ring.. :D

  7. So happy for you, Ana! I'm sure your selling stint was very successful.. :-)

  8. Angel!!! Sayang!!! It's nice to meet a fellow blogger when I'm out and about in events like this!!!! Hope to see you soon though, and wow thankyou for getting something from my stall! :))) <3

    Thank you so much coy! love the name! :)

    Ana Christina! :) Personalized connector rings are for P200 =) thank you!!!

    Pau!!! Wahahaha!!! I guess it's ok to be "explosive" pag asa school naman and bazaaring coz everyone's stressed out for sure, hindi na papansinin sinong maayos sa hindi hahaha :D Great to finally meet you!!!

    Thank you sa inyo megann and bea! super hardcore Collectors kayo, i dont mind if tumambay kayo sa stall ko just to chika and eat with me :) Masaya for me yun! :))

    Irene hahahahaa sarap kasi kumain! it's the greatest pleasure in life next to laughing! hahaha! Cute yun bow a :)))

    Ishna thank you so much! i really lift these all up to Him, my source of strength :))

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