Confession Number 1: I am not so good with reunions. I am the awkward-est kid in town! :P Yesterday though, mom and dad's long-time friend, whom we all call "Ninong Dante", asked to have a dinner with the family. We last saw him in the late 90s till his family migrated to Canada. So imagine naman ang kamustahan nun! :P

Confession Number 2: I hate awkward silences. So during the whole car ride and dinner, I try to be boppy and giddy (aka pabibo) just so Ninong Dante would be entertained. Ate and Cea wouldn't care for the world if they just keep quiet the whole time, hahaha! :D Ang awkward ko siguro nun! :P

Confession Number 3: Hindi ko alam kung paano i-explain sa mga titos and titas (adults in general) what I currently do for a living. Perfect example was last night:

Ninong Dante: Saan ka na nag wowork ngayon, Kriska?
Ate: Sa bank po...
Ate, with Me sa background (kase pabibo nga, haha): ..Citibank!
Ninong Dante: E ikaw naman Cea, saan ka na?
Cea: Oishi..
Me: Marketing! :) (singit amp, hahaha)
Ninong: Wow, san yun?
Cea: Sa may Pasay po.
Ninong: That's good, e ikaw Gia?
Me: Online shop po, home based. Nag dedesign po ako ng accessories tapos I sell them po online. Or sa bazaars po pag Christmas season. (Haba ko sumagot noh, hahaha)
Ninong: Online shop...Can you explain how it goes? :)


Hay effort! Ang dali siguro kung ang sagot ko nalang e, ay tindera po ako sa tabi tabi! Hahaha!

Confession Number 4: I never dress up during Sunday lakads with the family. AND I wasn't expecting that they set this reunion that day...Kaya I didn't even bother to wear something nice, use my contact lenses, and dry my hair or something, hahaha. :P

At the end of the day, I was with Cea at the back of our car, and I told her: Ano kaya tingin sakin ni Ninong Dante noh? Siguro ang bum-bum ko! 
Cea: Hahaha tapos ganyan pa suot mo!

HAHAHAHA! We sisters had a good laugh, though! ;D

Hatest question ko lang talaga pag ganito: May boyfriend na ba? OMG lang, hahahaha! :P


PS: Happy birthday to my big-eyed fave fashion blogger Lloyda! :))

I wish you all the best in your business and of course your family life. I really look up to you not only for the way you dress up (always too-cool for school! :))...But also, for being young and successful--yet still down-to-earth and nice to everyone. <3

Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!! :))

photo by jake verzosa. from lloyda's site


  1. rofl talaga sa last part ng Confession # 3 teh. Ang kulet mo lang. hihihihi... Ang awesssoooome mo kaya! Your Ninong Dante will be so proud of you pag nkita nya ang Anagon Collection! :)

  2. Hahahah thank you Cath! :)) That's nice of you to say hehehe :D Sana nga next time super household thing na ang online selling here sa Pinas that i dont need to explain myself pa na parang nagbubuhat ng bangko hahahaha :D


  4. Hahahahah Claud shet nakakahiya nga e! ;P Pero at least benta! :DDD

  5. NYAHAHA! love this post. ang kulit. :))))

  6. Wahahahah thank you Ms Scarlet April!!! :))) Minsan sama ka sa meet ups namin a, mga bloggers :)) sama mo si Nicole :)))

  7. Hay nako. Haha! I know what you mean. Ako naman, kapag tinatanong what I do for a living.. Sasabihin ko I'm studying again and I work part time for an online writing community. Tapos syempre may follow up question. Ang hirap mag explain minsan! :)))

  8. hahhaa :D LOL tawa ako ng tawa sa dialogue haha :D singit ka talaga! :D hahaha

    tapos comment ni Cea.. haha :D inapi talaga nya suot mo.. hehe :D bum na hippie hehe :D

  9. Ishna! :D True! Naisip ko din yan, paano pa kung BLOGGING ang ieexplain ko, parang, wag na nga lang! :P hahaha!

    Irene hehehehe benta talaga humiret yang si Cea, tagos. Stab. Hahaha!!!

  10. Nakakaloka ka Ana! Sana sinabi mo when he asked... "may wifi ba dito?" chos! But hey what you do is super cool! I remember showing our pic to my bf nung sat. Kinuwento ko kau when I showed him out pics. Sabi ko eto si Ana, she's a designer for accessories. She's the owner of Anagon, this one naman is... bongga!

  11. Hahahaha kaloka e noh shinow off "BTW, here's my shop and my blog" hahaha! Wow thanks Aie! Parang sarap pakinggan hehehe, she's an accessories designer, she has her own biz...Bongga! :D hahahah!!!

  12. i like your blog! kulet ng mga articles, ang saya! :-)
    definitely following!


  13. benta!!!! tae tawa lng ako ng tawa. wahahahahahahaha. uy yung project! text me kung pano!:)

  14. Hahahah thank you so much Babi! :) Hello my new "pasahero"! ;))) Welcome! :)) Hehehe! :))) <3

    Pax benta lang kainiz hahahah! :D Sana naging doctor nalang ako para pag tinanong what i do for a living, "imma doctor!" tapos ang usapan, hahahaha! :D Yes yes! Baka nga madelay plano kainis ;P Pero dalhin ko sila sa garage sale natin kay honey if ever... :))) Atleast baka pwede rin tayo sumaglit dun habang walang ginagawa heheheh :D Text text!!!!


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