How to survive a big bloggers meet-up:

Monday, February 07, 2011

1) Choose a nice meet up place to gather the gang:

Red Mango is a great place in Greenbelt to chill and "break the ice"...

...and a perfect venue for an afternoon chika too! :)

2) While you're at it, take loads of group pictures! (For your blog, ya know)

3) Continue the  getting-to-knows, good conversations, and hearty laugh in a fine dinner place:

4) Order assorted foods (like the ones you've seen recommended in your favorite blogger's posts?):

...And, of course, nothing beats having yummy big servings that are meant to be shared. :)

5) And last but not the least, never leave without taking more group pictures! :)

Great company last Saturday, meeting bloggers in Greenbelt--some even for the first time! :) So there's Stacy and DanahMyk, Ebong, Cath, beb Ava with Gersh and baby Athan, soul-sis Krissy, Honey A., rockstar Ral, Aie, teh Pax with Mich, and Hey Rocket Girl Reg--who said I looked 19 lang. Siyempre kailangan kong iblog yun, hahaha!

And oh! Rule number 6, which isn't really a requirement, but don't forget to say "I love your shoes!" (or bag, or top, etc)...Ze fashion bloggers will just lovet! Compliment, compliment! They're pretty and stylish, but it's more cool when they hear this out loud, hehehe! :))

Loving the Big Blog Crowd lately! More of this, please! Next time, I'll wear heels narin. Hah! :D

Citation is a must!
Thank you to Honey, Ava, and Krissy for some photos used in this post. ;)


  1. Ang stylish nyo lang talaga! :-) At nagutom naman ako sa foods.

  2. Powerpuff girls spotted: Ana, Ava and Krissy. You all looked great!

    Ah... you mean to say you're already over 19???! (hahaha, ginagatungan ko lang yung flattering remark sayo). And you look cute wearing flats beside them heeled gals :) Next time ipupusta ko naka flats sila lahat, kaw lang naka heels. may conspiracy yang mga yan against you eh.

  3. Ey thank you Ishna a! :) See you sooon ok! :))) <3 Thank you!!!

  4. herroyalbleakness: Hahahaha powerpuff girls!!! :D Ans shyetsss kinabahan ako sa nagaganap na conspiracy hahahaha :D

  5. It was nice to finally meet you Ana! =)

  6. hahaha wow power puff?? ang kyot lang nun :D love the entry ana! kakaiba! HOW TO'S hehe. Lets be fasyon again on feb. 8?? hehe

  7. thank you pretty aie! :) it was great to meet you din! hope more chikahan next time!!! :)))

    ava teh!!! yes beb!! :D hahaha oo nga e powerpuff na tayo hihihi :D thank youuu .. ang tawag dito how to write something that others have wrote about na ... hahahah!!! fashown day feb 8 yo! :) <3 see you!!!!

  8. aww di na ako nakasama dahl sa work huhu. ill catch up and ill make bawi kay honey

  9. Hahahaha!!! Tuwing nakikita ko yung mga pics, napapangiti ako... :P Kita kits ulit tomorrow!!! :D

  10. Ang sarap ng fooood!! :) And you guys all look great! ^^

  11. You look young naman talaga in person teh. And the face is so liit I'm so inggit. :) (egg-sigh-ted na ko sa mala-FH na gimik mo.hahagilapin talaga kita sa lahat ng station para lang ma-feature.LOL) It was nice meeting you, Anagon. You are so friendly and always naka-smile.

    And oh, I have to agree with Ava, unique and cool lang ng entry nato. :)

  12. aww, everybody looks great!! looks like you guys had a fun (& delicious!) night. :D

    boat ride through the sky

  13. Liezyl: Taga Cebu ka pala!! :D Pag anjan ako tayo mag blog meet up a! :)) Hehehe!!!

    Karl: Im sure marami pang pakulong ioorganize yang si Queen Bee Honey hehe! :)) Hope to see ya sooon!! :))

    Honeeeey ako din hehehehe, see you tomorrow a :)) Yehey saya naman! :) <3

  14. Alexa: Yummy though a bit pricey, worth ang ambiance heheh :)) Thank youuu! :))

    Cath: Siyempre hindi na kimmy tawag ko sayo, kung mas Cath ang tawag sayo ng old friends mo nakiki cath nako heheheh :)) Thankyou so much sa compliments and kind words! nakakaboost lang ng self esteem heheheh :)) See ya soon!! May mga plans yang si Honey for our next meet up, yehey! :))

    Gela: Hope you can join us in the future blog meet ups!! :)))

  15. i suuuuper love this post! at talagang may special mention ung 19, hahaha! it was super nice meeting you in person! excited na ako for the next meet up :)

  16. Hahahaha nagulat kasi ako sa intro mo akala ko kung anong wag ako maooffend hahaha, super nakakaflatter kaya ;D :D <3 hehehehe!!! Yes excited for a round 2! :)) See you soon Reg! :))

  17. Love this entry sis! And I also love Argie's comment re: Powerpuff Girls haha! Can't wait to see you girls again! ♥

  18. Thank you Krissy! :))) <3 Oo nga ako din! :)) Ang ating garage sale!! :))))

  19. Thanks Irene! :))) Everyone looks so fashown, it's fun and funny to walk together hehe :D


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