B is for Brooch

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Went out for meet ups last Friday. I expected a busy day, so I decided to wear something roomy like this thrifted floral dress. I already used this as long top before! Might cut it next time and convert it into a cover up or something, haha. 

To give the sack-dress some shape, I pinned the back with the quirky double brooch I made for Anagon Collection:

Some quotes on the BROOCH: (from Nina Garcia's The One Hundred)
The uninitiated associate the brooch with grandmothers and great-aunts and think it is only worn on the neckline of dresses. But the fashionable are aware that it is capable of so much more. It is an accessory that allows you to show off your creative side.

Decided to amp up another B from Style A-Z list: The Ballet Flats. 
I realized that I have too much basic black shoes, that it's ok to reconstruct my plain pair from Australian:

More photos from that day:

Had an afternoon coffee break with Melai in Greenbelt after my meet ups and before watching Black Swan with Ana. This girl never runs out of stories, haha! :) Nice to have another bonding time with a fellow blogger. Till the next! :)

Other Bs:
- Ballet Flats
- Bangles
- Belts
- Bikini
- BlackBerry
- Black Opaque Tights
- Blazer
- Boyfriend Cardigan


  1. Thank you Mimi! :) I love it din, heheh :) IT's comfy pa ;))

  2. ana! ang creative mo talaga, i loved what you did to your ballet flats! :)

  3. Hi Anna I love your post, Thank you for sharing B's from Style A-Z list of Nina Ricci. Thank you for sharing your ideas about brooch and the creative things you've done to your ballet flat. I really like your blog. Every time I log-in or check my dashboard the first blogpost I love to read is your blog site THE FASHIONISTA COMMUTER.

  4. I love dresses and I love yours! Looks very comfortable. At hello, ang cute nung ginawa mo sa flats! You just gave me an idea.

  5. Thank you Claud!!! :)

    Reg thank you! Nakapunta ka last sat?? :)

    Glenn I am super touched! I really appreciate that people really go and READ my posts, thank you! :) <3

    Ishna hahaha thank you! Cant wait to see your own DIY! :)

  6. I am totally in love with your flats, beb! Great job! Sweet niyo ni melai..inggit ako!

  7. Thanks Beb!!! Coffee break din tayo minsan! :))) <3

  8. i love the flats teh! sayang wala ka yesterday! =(

  9. I know super namiss ko kayoooo!!!!!! =S

  10. love the print on the dress :) and ang cute ng design ng flats <3


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