The first magazine I ever collected...

Friday, February 25, 2011

...and even bought with my kakarampot na baon! 

The first time I saw my DIY's in a magazine...

The first published article...

The first magazine appearance for Anagon Collection...

The first cow-ver appearance for Anagon Collection...
lollipop earrings

And even the first time I saw my face grace the glossies...

Thank you Candy Magazine aka Candymag for all the opportunities. I can't enumerate ALL of them as they're too many! The meet-and-greet with Daughtry, the exposures for Anagon Collection, all the Candy Fairs, being there in my first blog event....I can even remember the day I entered the classroom late coming from an Imago interview. Feeling cool ako non. Haha! :D

You've always been so generous, like a true BFF. Thank you for all the friends and cool people I met through you.

I know and I say this with all its cliche-but-true glory: I can't be who and where I am now if not for YOU. Thank you Candy! As Candy Editor-in-Chief Ms. Mia texted me before: 
You are such a Candy Girl!

And I'm proud to be one!

Also a Candy Girl? Tell me why! :)
I'm a Candy Girl because....


  1. taray! pero sino yung cutie sa first group pic? haha

  2. I am a true-blue Candy girl because I love myself and I am true to myself. I also collect Candy Mag since it's so helpful to me! :)

    I love the photo with Empress Ms, Ana! :)

  3. aww Ana!!! so proud of you! dami na palang beses nagappear sa candy ng collection mo! I'm (well actually, WAS na ngayon kasi i don't buy the mag anymore) a candy girl 'cause i used to collect all issues from jan to dec back when i was still in HS :D HAHA

  4. the girl on the bea ba? i don't know, basta that magazine was my first ever candy mag! hehe :) then i started collecting na :D

  5. awww... you are a candy girl coz you're one of the sweetest, most GENUINE person I know. Lavya sis!:) and i'm a candy girl coz i look young and feel young! hahaha jk.

  6. Hahhaha Mike! Candy Cutie yun hehehe, AJ Perez! ;D Hahaha!!!

    Thank you channie! :) No such girl as a true blue candygirl ;) heeh!:))

    Hahahah hazel! :) Ako din I stopped for awhile, but nun narealize ko market ko teens, i buy candy monthly na uli! :) so its a lifetime thing na heheh :))

    Ava!!! Which mag yun??? COOL! :DDD Hihi!!

    Hahahah yes Irene!!! :))

    Thank you PAX!!! AT HAHAHHAHA BENTA SAKIN parang tagline lang ng gamot hahaha!!! :) love ya too! :)

  7. woooow! :D council of cool ka pala :) Ako rin, Candymag was my first magazine ever. Aww!

  8. Yey! I love Candymag talaga, ang dami nating Candy Girls :)))


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