Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pax just finished her "styling-marathon" for several magazines and broadsheets the past weeks. Melai aced her first ever fashion show styling stint for a UP org held in Tomas Morato last night. Vern is making the most of her LOA. Honey said she's "milking" her last few months here in the Philippines (I'll miss that girl!!!). Ef is sucha busy bee in school for organizing fashion shows. Krissy is mending her broken heart. While beb Ava is celebrating 44 months of love with Gersh.

Oh my fellow bloggers. We only know each other through the big and beautiful WWW, and now we're all friends and we actually hangout, not online with dashboards and "publish post" to tell our stories--but in person! :)

That's why I am so thrilled to bring to you the BLOGGERS' CLOSET. A big closet sale organized by bloggers for the bloggers and our lovely readers. It's not only a bazaar, but also a big fun bloggers' meet up!

Let's hangout on the 20th? :) It will be loads of fun, and photo shoot-filled, I'm sure! Definitely blog-worthy, haha! So SEE YOU!

PS: Watched 127 Hours with Ana last night after a looong day of meet ups in UST, DLSU, St. Scho. Awesome movie. GRABEHAN!

PPS: Finally paid for my slot yesterday in the Animo Bazaar. Grabe kulang nalang dun ako nag aral hahaha, thank you DLSU for all the opportunities! Can't wait for next week's busy sched... I actually forgot to go all-emo for being single this Vday. I love being busy, idaan sa kumikitang kabuhayan! Hahaha!

PPPS: I am so excited to bring to you another GIVEAWAY! :D Summer won't be the same without L'Oreal and Anagon Collection! :D OMG watch out for that!!! :D


  1. Loves it Ana!! Ang boring ng post ko eh.. Hahaha! I will miss you too!! And everyone else... Haayyyy.... See you soon! :*

  2. btw, i'm having my first blog giveaway, lots of Stila Cosmetics to be won, maybe you'd like to enter? it's open to all readers. Thanks! =)

  3. Waaaaaa I wanna go to the closet sale!! :)

  4. Excited for everything about this post! :)

  5. wow! looks so much fun! wish i could join you guys but i'm living a thousand miles away. huhuhu. anyway, malay mo makita mo dun yung man of your dreams! goodluck! :-)


  6. I cant wait for it girls!!! :)) Hope to see you all! :))))

  7. For directions, please redirect them to this link---

    THANKS! <3 See you soon! :)


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