Commuting to the BLOGGERS CLOSET? :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

To my fellow commuters! (A.K.A. the pretty yet tough, kick-ass ladies! Hahaha! ;)))

I just found a way to get to the Bloggers' Closet without taking a cab (hehehe):

It's easy! Just take the LRT2 going to SANTOLAN (the last station). Then pagbaba sa Santolan, take the jeep going to Cogeo, and tell the driver to drop you off at Town & country. Minus the traffic, the venue is 10-15minutes away from the LRT2 station! :D

Since I'll be bringing maleta of panindas...I might not commute going to the Bloggers' Closet (for a change, whew!). Do tell me though if it was a breeze ride, or you had a hard time! :P

See you in a few days!!! Yahoo!!!


  1. Ana, where exactly in Town? Multi-purpose Hall ng Clubhouse area?

  2. here is another way of commuting:

    -Take the LRT 2 Train station and get off at ARANETA-CUBAO Station (which is connected to Gateway Mall)
    -From Gateway Mall--> ask the guards where to exit and where you can find the FX line going to Cogeo/ Masinag. (The exit is beside McDonalds/ Silver Works)
    -Take the FX going to COGEO or PADILLA or MASINAG and ask the driver to drop you off at Town & Country (25 pesos fare).

    Argie: NANGKA ST. (Corner lot) :)) basta marating yung nangka st. sa loob ng Town and Country, yun na yun. :)


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