Weekend Lamierda + Meet Ups

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I finally met another blogger, Ishna of Everything Colorful. She bought some Anagon Collection goodies, and we met last hot Friday in Mcdo Lerma. :) 
Sucha sweet girl, had a nice time with you Ishna! :) Hope you like your new accessories!

After the UST meet ups, I ran to DLSU  for the Animo Bazaar concessionaires' meeting. (sumakay naman ako ng FX, hehehe)

The room was filled with students, small scale business owners, and even owners of cool businesses like The Perfect White Shirt, Ice Monsters, NYFD (my fave! :D), etcetera. What a HUGE event!
I enjoyed seating in a classroom set-up, namiss ko ba ang pagiging student. Dadating ba si Ma'am? 15 minutes na...Alis na tayo! Hahaha!

May power point pa sila o, cute. Hehehe!

Friday night was spent in Makati for more meet-ups, then caught the last full show of 127 hours with Ana. Have you seen it??? James Franco FTW! I tell you!!! :D

Lazy Saturday started at 1pm already, puyateers kasi. Both not into 3D so we decided not to watch Tangled, so we just headed to Red Mango to use my last GC:

Gusto ko ng popcorn so I just bought a pack habang nakatambay narin:

Before buying the popcorn, I asked Ana: Anong papanuorin ko?

Ana: Ako? 

Tinulugan ko nalang ang loka, hehehe.

I met up with the amazing Chai Muncal of and my suki Jill, and then Ana and I decided we just have to watch a movie (Saturday Movie Club nga e, hehe). So we ended up buying tickets for The Rite which is still showing in G4 (ang high school!!!)-- hay...kahit takot na ako matakot. Hahaha! We bought BK (love their onion rings!) and brought our foods inside the theater, so most of the scenes na scary nakatingin lang ako sa straw ko. Hahaha! :P Ayoko ng nightmares! :P

Don't forget!!! :))


  1. Nahiya naman ako, mukha ko kaagad nakita ko dito. HAHA! And I really loved the accessories! Thank you! <3

    I liked 127 Hours pero there were parts na nabore ako ng konti. Konti lang naman. LOL.

  2. Hahahha! Sabi ko pa naman before the film antok ako takot ako makatulog, but fortunately hindi ako inantok!!! :D Nice to see you Ishna :))

  3. Thanks for using the poster that didn't make it haha! Ana napanood ko ung 127 hours hayy nako puro dilim ang nakita ko kakatakip ng mata lol!

  4. Hahahah ! Ako din di ko carry, lalo yung "inumin" niya =P Wah!!!

  5. curious na ko sa 127 hours lalo.. scary ba sobra yung The Rite? :)

  6. Irene super natatakot talaga ako sa mga ganun e...Ghosts I can tolerate, pati mga psycho thrillers...Pero pag devil :P

  7. Hi ate ana. im so inspired by what you do. do you have any tips on how to sell stuffs online and sa pag-babazaares? thank you very much. more power to anagon. :))) - Lia :)

  8. Hi! I was supposed to enroll in your accessories making class but napuno agad :(
    I also got my first ever purchase from your store sa bazaar! I've always wanted to purchase some of your items kaso I never got a chance to do so :))

  9. I really like your blog, Ana. Thanks for sharing your blogger activities with us.

  10. Hello lia!! =) I made a bazaar 101 post before! :) Do check it out here: ... I'd love to make an article on Online Selling 101 someday, thanks for the tip! :)

  11. Awww sayang Mimi! But I am sooo touched that you bought something from my stall! I super love DLSu! :)

    Karen: Thank you so much! :) It's a big thing for me that there are people who appreciate my daily kwentos. :) Thank you!


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